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A sister is worth a thousand friendships- Comparison/ Contrast essay

leldredge 1 / -  
Oct 9, 2016   #1
Katie and Courtney

What is a sister? A sister is basically a best friend who will be there no matter what, and not just because they have to be. Everyone has heard the stereotype about sisters, and how they always fight and never get along. My sisters, Katie and Courtney, hardly ever fight or argue. It is always love with them, always laughing and singing. They have more in common than most sisters do; However, they do have some differences.

Courtney and Katie join together as one at most events, if you see one you will eventually see the other. Katie and Courtney share many things, including, birthdays. They were born on the same day, but Courtney is three years older than Katie is. Some say they are so alike because they were born on the same day. These girls have so much in common. They used to cheer and dance together on the High School team. Their personality, they are both friendly and outgoing. Courtney and Katie also have great judgement of character and knows when someone is not worth being around. Courtney and Katie both enjoy listening to the same kind of music, movies, and even dance videos. For the most part they eat the same foods and drink the same drinks. Their favorite color is purple. They love singing, There is never a time the house isn't filled with the sound of their voices. They both have one pair of shoes they like to wear, which are regular black converse. They both love taking naps but sometimes they do not get the chance too because of their schedules. Speaking of busy schedules, that also prevents them from keeping their rooms tidy and neat. But most importantly, Katie and Courtney always puts family first. They would rather hangout with family, than to go out with friends.

Although, they have very few differences, the differences are the main reason why they are who they are. For example, they do not share the same father. Courtney has brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. While, Katie has blonde hair, hazel eyes and no freckles. Even though they have different fathers, they are still built the same and have the same, light filled smile. Courtney doesn't care how she looks for school; However, Katie will always dress to impress. Courtney has graduated high school with a 4.0 and is attending Kent State University Tuscarawas to become a nurse. Katie is still attending Cambridge High School and is not as intelligent as Courtney. Another difference between my sisters, would be Courtney played softball in high school, while Katie ran track. Courtney despises animals, she runs everytime one comes close. Katie on the other hand, will do absolutely anything for an animal. One year she saved a bird that a cat had attacked. Even though they danced together, Courtney was never afraid to let loose and show off her moves. Katie is a great dancer but is too afraid of what others might think about her, so she has a hard time proving others how good of a dancer she is.

Despite the few differences in the two, they love each other and would do anything for one and the other. A sister is so lucky to have, it builds bonds that can never be broken. It is hard to find at least one true friend in the world, I consider myself lucky to have found two true friends, whom I call my sisters.

Killua 5 / 10 2  
Oct 10, 2016   #2
Hi,leldredge,nice to see your essay.Here are some corrections for you,hope these may help you.

Everyone has heard the stereotype about sisters/sisterhood/sister-bond , and how theysome sisters always fight and never get along with each other .
However, my sisters Katie and Courtney, hardly do they ever fight or argue.
In fact,seeing them always singing and laughing together makes me feel their bonds.

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