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"Smoking Weed" essay

BBgirl 12 / 3  
Mar 22, 2007   #1
Smoking Weed Essay

I have three best friends. Two of them are studying in Mongolia. One of them is falling in love with a guy who was studying in Beijing. I know a little bit about this guy. They did not have a relationship when I was in Mongolia. After I came here, they fell in love with each other. The guy, who is my friend's first love, is independently wealthy. His name is Toroo.

Yesterday I called my friend in Mongolia, and I heard a lot of bad news about Toroo from my best friend Khulan, who loves Toroo so much. Toroo came from Beijing to Mongolia last summer, and he went out with my friend Khulan. He likes her very much. They were happy together.

Toroo's friends are rich like him. One day they tried to smoke weed. They liked it very much. Since this time, they always smoke it. Because Toroo and his friends are irresponsible and independently wealthy, they don't worry about anything. They have plenty of money to buy weed. Since Toroo began to smoke weed, his behavior has changed.

It was Valentine's Day. My friend Khulan wanted to surprise him and she invited him to a very expensive restaurant. The bill, of course, was high, and she paid it all. After that, she gave him chocolate in the shape of a heart that she made herself. But Toroo said to her "Oh it's easy to make it, so I don't want to eat it." On top of that, he didn't give her any gift for Valentine's Day, because he didn't have any money to buy a gift for her, because he had spent all of his money for weed. My friend was hurt, but she still loves him.

After two weeks, they met again, and Toroo asked Khulan, "Can you give me twenty dollars? I am planning a surprise." Khulan did not believe this, but she gave it to him anyway. She didn't see him that night, and there wasn't any surprise. She cried the whole night. She called Toroo, who was at his friend's home with his friends, and they were smoking weed again. How could he do this? I can't understand this: of course he spent Khulan's money for weed!

Khulan forgave him again; she gave him one more chance. It was International Women's Day. They were going to meet with their friends at the Detroit Cafe at 8 o'clock. Khulan and her friends arrived at the Detroit Cafe on time. Toroo and his friends weren't there. They were all waiting for them.

Finally, Khulan called Toroo. He said, "I'll be there in one hour." One hour passed; but he didn't come. Khulan called him again. He said, "Okay, I'll be there in one hour."

Toroo and his friends arrived at the Detroit Cafe at last; however, they were still smoking weed. Khulan was very offended and she screamed, "Get lost". Toroo's response to Khulan for screaming was, "Hey why are you screaming at me? What did I do wrong? We have a lot of celebrating for women in the world. It's enough. Let's breakup."

Khulan was very upset. She decided that she wanted to be smoker like Toroo. She tried to smoke weed; unfortunately, the weed made her sick. She hated it and never tried it again.

If Khulan would have liked the weed, she would be a smoker today. How dangerous that would be! I'm afraid that Khulan will want to see Toroo again. I am worried for my friend. I wish I lived closer to Khulan; she needs my encouragement. I did talk to her on the telephone and I advised to her to meet Toroo's parents, and tell them the truth. If you don't tell, it will be harder for Toroo to quit smoking weed than it is now." She accepted my advise. I don't know what will happen in the future. All I can do now is pray for them.

Smoking weed has ruined Toroo and his friends' lives. And it has badly affected Khulan and her friends. If you are smoking weed or considering starting to smoke, you should realize that you have nothing to gain by smoking marijuana. In my opinion, the single best way to protect your family and your loved ones is to quit smoking or better yet, never begin.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
Mar 22, 2007   #2

I'd be happy to help you edit your very persuasive essay. :-)

Sometimes a slight change in the way words are used changes the implication. For instance, most native English speakers would interpret "they tried to smoke weed" to mean that they tried and failed; we would be more likely to say "they decided to try weed" if we meant they hadn't done it before and decided to see what it was like.

"We have a lot of celebrating for women in the world. It's enough. Let's breakup." - This doesn't really make sense, except for "Let's break up" ("break up" is two words, not one, when used this way).

"She accepted my advice."

Good job!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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