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Each student has their own study style. Which one is the most effective?

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Feb 5, 2016   #1
Some people think that it is more effective for students to study in groups, while others believe that it is better for them to study alone.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

Each student has their own study style. One group of people believe that study in groups is more powerful, another group think that study alone is more effective to them. Whilst I believe that study alone is good to achieve satisfactory result, I firmly believe that study in group brings a greater result.

Some benefits can be gained from study alone for students such as improving focus and minimizing distraction as students only learn by themselves without interference from others. For example, sometimes students may find difficulties in one lesson. Then, they can stay long time and focus on it until they understand and find a solution. As a results, studying alone allows students to completely concentrate and minimize disruptions that can keep from retaining material. Also, it helps to avoid temptation when students work alone and minimal interruptions. It can be seen from example that study alone only just give little benefit.

However, study together brings many advantages for student such as expanding access to information because they have some study partner to share knowledge. Also, they can ask each other about a particular topic that they do not understand. For instance, in study together, students tend to share their knowledge or notes to others, so that students can understand and have detailed information regarding special topic. Also, they will help each other seeking problem solutions if one of them obtain a trouble. As a results, students spend time to study more effective in a relatively short time. It proves that study in group very useful for students itself.

In addition, study in groups boost motivation or spirit of students as they have friend to discuss a material or particular detail. For example, if you study alone, sometimes it is boring and students tend to fall asleep. Then, they do not continue to study. Studying together contains some person, so that students will tend to have big motivation and spirit to study. As a consequence, students have a passion to learn and review material with their partner, so that they can truly comprehend about lesson. It can be seen that study in group is good for the student.

The aforementioned evidence shows that even though studying alone is good for students but study in groups is better way for them. Hence, students must choose study in group in study style if they want to get study result maximally.

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