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As a student I always prepared my own food - it is a considerably more expedient choice

gbekil 7 / 17 2  
Oct 5, 2014   #1
Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer and eat food at home. Which do you perefer ?

Having lived while studying at university in Istanbul, which is the most expensive city in Turkey, I always prepared my own food , because I was a student ,that's why my budget was limited. As a direct consequence of those observations, I firmly believe it is absolutely imperative that a person prepare and eat at home. Of the numerous positive aspects of this, perhaps the most attractive ones are eating at food restaurants is expensive, not all the restaurants are hygenic, and the food which is prepared at restaurants is fatty.

The fist substantial of having meal at home is cheaper than eating at restaurants , there is a multitude of supermarkets where a person easily could buy vegatables, meats, or chickens to perepare his or her own meal. From Migros, which is a supemarket, a person can purchase vegatables which are always fresh and cheap, and cook it at home. As a matter of fact, when I was student , I shopped from Migros wahatever I wanted to cook vegatables which was always fresh and cheap, thus I save a great amounts of money.

Not only preparing the food at home is cheap a major advantage, but also hygiene is an important attraction due to fact that nobody could be sure that all of them are careful about hygiene. As a illusturation, in a restaurant could be cooked delicious meal, and served well, but anybody couldn't know about the kitchen.Indeed, one of my friends who went a one of the most expensive restaurant in Istanbul to audit, because of her job, she faced with a mouse in the kitchen.

In addition to eating at home is cheaper, and hygienic, preparing the meal at home is healthier is a final compelling benefit since most of the food which is prepared at restaurants, or food stands is not always healthy, because of most of them are fatty. To exemplify, one of my friends, who always ate at restaurants , started to weight up quickly, then she went to a dietician. The dietician adviced her to prepere her own meal , not to eat so much at restaurants , becuase of many of the foods are fatty more than which is prepared at home, and she get formed quickly.

In summary, after eloborating extensively on the preminent attributes of preparing and eating at home, including helping you saving your money and health, I feel it is almost irrefutable that this is a considerably more expedient choice. Actually, even though some stil advocate eating at restaurants, the vast majority fully comprehends the truly important attractions of preparing and eat home.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 5, 2014   #2
gbekil, your point of view regarding the topic is strong but needs to be improved in its presentation. I have revised your essay in blue text to show my suggested versions. You can base a the revised version of your essay on those.

- gbekil, this particular paragraph does not work well as an introduction because you failed to state the essay prompt prior to giving us an overview of the topic and your personal opinion on the matter. It will serve you well to revise this part to reflect the missing sections.

- Eating at home is cheaper than dining out. Groceries offer affordable meal options that one can easily cook based on a selection of vegetables and proteins. At the time I lived in Istanbul, I had a limited food budget that did not allow me to eat out often, but it allowed me to buy nutritious food that I could have over 2-3 meals in a day or through the week. This offered me a great amount of monetary savings and allowed me to extend my food budget for a longer period.

- Food prepared at home are also more sanitized than those prepared in restaurants. If I prepare my own meal, I am sure it was prepared the right way and in a clean kitchen. As the television show "Restaurant Impossible" shows its viewers on a weekly basis, one can never be sure that his food is being prepared in a sanitary environment in the kitchen.Restaurant kitchens can sometimes be the breeding ground for bacteria and innumerable viruses.

- While we are on the topic of hygiene and health issues, it is important to note that restaurant food is not always healthy. It can be fatty, and filled with synthetic ingredients that will not help keep a person healthy. A friend of mine who always ate in restaurants actually gained more weight by constantly eating at restaurants. He lost weight as soon as he began eating healthy foods at home.

In summary, after eloborating extensively on the preminent attributes..

- Based upon these aforementioned reasons, I feel that eating at home is the best choice for people who wish to remain healthy and avoid health hazards in their food. While there will always be a market for restaurant patrons, the attraction of savings and health issues will always make home cooked meals the healthier option in more ways than one.
OP gbekil 7 / 17 2  
Oct 5, 2014   #3
vangiespen, I really thank you for your advise, these are so important for me...
How can I improve my writings, could you please give me some more advice?
Thank you very much...
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 5, 2014   #4
How can I improve my writings, could you please give me some more advice?

Gbekil, the only advice I can give you is to keep reading English materials and watching English films and shows. Familiarize yourself with the culture and environment. Understand their current events. By doing so, you will be able to develop personal opinions regarding matters affecting them. Be it pop culture or politics, everyone's opinion is important. These types of information will prepare you for any question that is thrown your way in terms of world events as well.

When it comes to the actual writing, you can practice by creating essay prompts for yourself. For example, watch a movie and then write an essay reviewing the movie. You set your own criteria and prompt, post it here and we will help you analyze what you did right or wrong and how to further develop that particular writing skill.

Write about anything that interests you. It does not matter if it is poetry or an academic paper. The only way to become proficient is to practice and seek advice from people who can guide you and help you develop your writing skills :-) People like the members of this forum and I can help you do that ;-)

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