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Some students prefer to take a year off between school and university, to work or to travel.

bilaldev 1 / -  
Nov 18, 2023   #1
In today's era, universities play an indispensable role in the development of students' careers. some adolescents prefer to be cut off from higher studies after completing schooling education and they want to go searching for work or engage in tourism. In my opinion, there is no gap year between secondary and higher degrees.

The main drawback is that students can't compete with other children who gain admission to university. There are multifarious reasons, firstly, who has a gap and break-off from goal and may lack knowledge due to forgetting past achievements. Secondly, when people start a job in the market and receive a monthly remuneration then they may become a greedy person. After that, I don't think that they will rejoin university. Finally, when students travel in the mountains or to foreign nations, they feel slackness in their physical bodies therefore they may disconnect from education, and they might prefer living in their natural environment

The main benefit is that young people, unable to afford university tuition due to family financial constraints, choose to accept job opportunities. One advantage is that they spend a year in the industrial sector and save money for a bachelor's degree. Secondly, some people want to travel. They go to the northern wonderful region and enjoy life, capturing delightful moments in your mobile phone gallery. One of the main edges, they get fresh air and gain experience about the history of the country.

In conclusion, while students enjoy working or traveling to different zones, it is common to think that they may incur a significant loss of education.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15043 4827  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
You should not be presenting an opinion in this case. The essay writing instructions asks you to deliver an advantage and disadvantage point of view. There is no personal insight required. You are expected to present a general overview of what you perceive, or what the public perceives to be the advantage or disadvantage of the gap year. Nothing more than that. By indicating your personal opinion, you will lose points. Whenever you do something or present information that is not required, the examiner will be forced to deduct points due to instruction deviations. You do not want to fail the test simply because you failed to follow the instructions properly. On the plus side though, you did a very good job of presenting the pro and con of a gap year which just may save your score from the deductions it might have received.

Home / Writing Feedback / Some students prefer to take a year off between school and university, to work or to travel.
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