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Students study in group is better than them to study alone

Trinh Duy Hung 1 / 2  
May 13, 2019   #1

Learning in a group or individually?

It is debatable whether group study has several positive effects on learners or students prefer studying by themselves to studying in a group. While the latter is beneficial to some extent, I strongly side with the former. These would be elaborated below.

On the one hand, the current generations tend to lead a self-education because of its several obvious conducive impacts. Specifically, it is learning without partners that enables the young to boost concentration on their tasks. As a matter of fact, when you have time alone to revise for exams or read books as well as learn by heart some poems, you would not suffer distraction from other people. As a result, young learners would free to research everything which they are interested in. Without self-learning, undergraduates are expected to lose the ability to memorize information.

On the other hand, it is collaboration that plays an important role in modern educational environment. Particularly, an individual's brain can not address a complicated problem, and it lacks the ability to complete a task which requires several professions. Moreover, not only does cooperation help process a heavy workload at once but only raise learning motivation of each member as they have to be aware of their responsibility when they study in a group. Admittedly, team work has long been resulting in conflicts among teammates, because everyone has their perspective. However, when team members learn how to respect other's ideas, this issue could be solved easily,

In conclusion, it is true that undergraduates prefer to lead a self-taught because of its certain obvious beneficial impacts. However, I am completely convinced with the fact that it is more important for learners to study in a group.

green1222 - / 1  
May 14, 2019   #2
it is Learning without partners that ...

... workload at once but only [ALSO] raise ...
Maria - / 1,100 389  
May 16, 2019   #3
@Trinh Duy Hung
Hi there!

Be cautious of the construction of your sentences because the forms of the verbs that you use can be quite off-putting at times.

In addition to this, be wary of putting together synonymous terms in a single line of thought. When you do this, you drag your sentences thin - instead of, for instance, developing more depth to the content that you have.

Watch out also for how you construct your sentences. You have a tendency to have baffling content that are unclear of what you truly mean. This can happen when you stretch out the meaning of your sentences to cover up for the word count. Instead, always try to focus on depth rather than the length.

Consistency in forms of the verbs/words is also key.

Let's revise a few portions of your essay accordingly.

Studying in groups or individually both reap benefits for the learners. While there are perspectives to consider, I strongly believe that communal studying is preferred.*

On the one hand, our current generation has a preference for self-studying because of its advantages. Learning without a partner boosts one's concentration on the task. When you have time alone to revise exams, read books, and learn poetry, you do not have distractions roaming around.


*Notice how instead of mentioning twice that you will be studying in groups, I had instead mentioned that it's a communal form of studying. This is a synonymous terminology; therefore you evade being repetitive while still maintaining the general thought that you have.

Keep these in mind as you are revising and rereading. Best of luck as always in your studies!

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