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Studying abroad: seeking better opportunities for students?

jerry 17 / 10  
Sep 19, 2008   #1
I have some questions.

I was certainly effected I do not get why using 'effected' instead of 'affected' here? I meant that 'I was influenced by bad behaviors'

the child's difficulties in their studies
I mean that the difficulties is in the child's study process. So it is appropriate to use 'his or her' instead of 'their' here, isn't it?

Here is today essay.

Studying Abroad.

People study abroad for many reasons. The most obvious advantage is that studying abroad brings people new experiences and knowledge. Furthermore, if a country has people with experiences and knowledge from studying abroad in a more advanced country, that country will have the chance to develop better.

Studying abroad, especially in developed country, brings people new experience. For many people, living and studying in the same place all their lives seems to be very tedious. They seek opportunities to gain new experiences and perceptions about the world. Inside those people are the passions to explore the world. Studying abroad is one of the most legitimate and easiest ways to satisfy their desires. This provides the chances not only to know more people and more cultures but also to gain academic knowledge. This experience will give them advantages in the future success. Knowing more advanced knowledge helps them to get better job and promotion.

Sending students to study abroad is one of important strategies for a developing country to develop. As we all know, education has a crucial role in developing process of a lot of countries. Countries' governments realize the important of talents and the need to develop their abilities, but in those countries, the education system may not have enough facilities to support the teaching and studying process. Studying abroad comes as a pragmatic solution. Many developing countries send their students to more advanced country to study new knowledge which can be used in the developing process of those countries. In my country Vietnam, for example, students have many opportunities to receive scholarship to study abroad. The government is always willing to grant money to good students so that they will have more advanced environment to study, and then the students will come back with knowledge to contribute to the country.

The fact is that more and more students go studying abroad can easily prove the advantages that studying abroad brings to develop each countries as well as the whole world. If countries can learn from each other by the mean of sending students studying abroad, I believe that the world will become an unite and advanced house for us to live in."

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