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Teenagers should work unpaid, do you agree with the view? Write about 250 words

KhanhChi2009 1 / -  
Sep 25, 2023   #1

the idea of teenagers working without pay

While I disagree with the idea that all teenagers have to work unpaid in their free time because people believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society, I completely agree with that opinion.

On the one hand, I accept that some people disagree with that idea. Firstly, some teenagers have problems of health such as having broken legs or cardiovascular diseases, so it is unreasonable for them to be forced to go to work. We also have the situation that some teenagers do not have enough free time to go to work on the grounds of their family circumstances and while people all have a rest, they have to bring up their family by working within salary or wage. There is another reason that I am afraid is that forcing people at the ages to work unpaid can discourage them, make them lose motivation and perhaps some will drop out of works, which is not the consequences of unpaid working that people wanted. We can say that it is unconvenient for them to take on jobs without salary.

On the other hand, I completely agree with the idea of working unpaid in teenagers. Firstly, for individuals, working unpaid will enhance them a lot. The first thing that working unpaid do is allow the young to broaden knowledge and escalate their personal experience. It is created from coping with numerous situations that can struggle people of that ages to solve, gradually the young will draw more experience. The second thing that working unpaid better teenagers' relationships and facilitate the unfortunate the young to look for job opportunities. If they work, they will meet a host of people, which is a good preparation for their jobs in the future and practice good character, which can be filtered from the people they have met. Secondly, for societies, working unpaid also being benefits to them. Societies in that casse have more labors and products that teenagers develop without having to pay, which can save money for the government. There can be a tendency of people working at the ages of teenagers, so more and more people at those ages go to work in their free time. For instance, a group of friends go to work unpaid together, and they lead othe teenagers to work like they do. At the end, companies bargain a lot from having products and labors without having to pay salary. Societies also have people at the young ages with the character of hard-working and having no interest in fame.

In conclusion, while I disagree with the idea of working unpaid in teenagers, I still agree with it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,898 4797  
Oct 7, 2023   #2
You will already have failed the essay with your prompt restatement and writer's opinion alone. You are presenting a conflicting idea discussion in the prompt paraphrase section. you cannot disagree with the topic and yet agree with the provided opinion. That does not make any sense to a native English speaker. Perhaps you made a mistake while writing the paragraph? Maybe you got confused and mixed up your references? Something must have happened while you were thinking of what to write for you to make such a fatal flaw in your restatement and opinion presentation. As such, I am not inclided to review your paper past this stage. I want you to be given a fair shot at an accurate review of your presentation. I will wait for you to present a different topic for review instead.

Home / Writing Feedback / Teenagers should work unpaid, do you agree with the view? Write about 250 words
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