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IELTS Writing Test 2 Part 2 Book 14 Cambridge: Environmental Problems

Caoquanbao 1 / -  
Jul 2, 2020   #1

Which environmental problems are the most serious?

In today's world, there are variety of environmental problems. Some of them argue that the main problems of our time is the loss of particular spices of plants and animals, while others sat that there are more important environmental problems, and in this essay, I'll discuss both views and offer my own opinion.

In fact, there are a lot of environmental problems. The most common of them is the global warming this time, when they are happening more often and devastating more serious. Take the North of Vietnam for example, in Hanoi, the temperature is surprisingly high, and it had never seen in the past 10 years. It's affecting the capital's citizen a lot, which block them from getting out of their home comfortably. In fact, it's is also the matter of economy, when the land is lack of water, the crop is worse, the profit is lost and even losses.

However, I believe that the loss of the species of plants and animals are the major problems. Take the red tail fox for the example, it's the top of the circle of food. If the fox are extinct, the amount of animals which eat grass for food will raise, leading to the lost of variety of plants. If the plants are disappeared, the home for most of birds and others insect will lost, so they will also be extinct. As we can see, it's not the matter of the loss in the amount of any species, it's the effect of the food chain, which will change other species and even human.

In my opinion, the loss of particular species are the main environmental problems of our time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Jul 3, 2020   #2
There are several environmental prompts for the Task 2 test. Without a specific reference to the correct prompt, I cannot review your essay for accuracy and other considerations. Kindly remember to provide that the next time you post an essay for review here. What I can provide you with at this point, is a general review of your work.

Singular - Plural Issues:
If the fox (singular) are (plural) extinct - If the fox (singular) is (singular) extinct

Word Choice Errors:
... leading to the lost of... - leading to the loss of...

Incorrect use of similar words that are used differently:
... the amount of animals... - the number of animals...

Contractions are never used in academic writing:
It's - It is

These are the most score affecting errors in your presentation. There are also grammatical issues in your presentation but you should focus on learning more about the errors related to grammar rules first.

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