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Think Before You Click (How social media affect our lives)

ceej 1 / -  
Oct 10, 2014   #1
--Please correct me. and please suggest more ideas i can possibly add :)--

Think Before You Click

We live today in a world dominated by the internet or World Wide Web, as it is also popularly known. Almost everything can be found on the internet. For most people, not a day goes by without them using the internet for at least two hours a day: be it for work, or fun, or online shopping, or studying, or contacting friends and family. Millions upon millions of people worldwide flock to social networking sites to read and to speak their minds. It is the power of these astounding numbers that makes, without doubt, the internet as the most powerful and influencing media today. But as internet users, do we know how much we must take responsibility for what we write or say or put in the web? Yes, it is known that we have freedom in the internet. But then again, have we asked ourselves to be more mindful of what we post or to think before we hit the enter key?

Think before you click: you might hurt someone behind the other side of the screen. Let us stop for a moment and take some time to realize that what or who we are interacting with using the internet are real people: individuals with real feelings like ourselves. Now if we post things about a person like rumors or gossips in order to bring about hatred in other's mind or publish materials severely humiliating them, we can hurt a human being. And we can never know how this can affect them or how they would react to this. With this, we are doing what they call as "cyber bullying or harassment". And what kind of people carry out this deed? Only the lowest of the lowest kinds want to bring about destruction to other people's lives.

Think before you click: you might be broadcasting inappropriate information or materials for other people to see. Think about posting sexually-oriented matters. The internet is free for all to navigate. What if a child stumbles upon that post of ours? Would we want to steal that child's innocence? I think not. Now think about things that can be considered as "cheats"? By this, I mean like answers to a test or examinations. Posting excessive information can get in the way of learning and of people's chance to think by themselves. Would we be a tool in promoting internet-dependency? I think not, too.

Think before you click: give your own life privacy. Posting everything you do in your own social media pages might not that be as fun as we think it is. We need to maintain appropriate social boundaries because breaches of these boundaries can create awkward social situations and damage our relationships. Just like giving too much personal information, it also has some security issues at stake. I bet we wouldn't want to put at risk our own safety.

Think before you click: you might be putting your internet social life over your real and personal social life and relationships. For another moment, let's stop and take some time to think whether or not when we open our computers, we are closing our own doors. Are we too consumed by our virtual social life that we are already neglecting the chances of spending time and interacting personally with the important people in our lives? Think about being unproductive for spending too much time on the internet. Would we really want to live our lives that way, being fruitless and recluse? Definitely not.

The internet and social media has indeed become such a powerful tool. But don't forget that we are the ones who operate it. We might have freedom to do whatever we wish on the internet, but we must limit our actions because if we won't be mindful enough, we can destroy lives. We have the power to make the decision. Before clicking that enter key, THINK. Rethink. Help build a healthier, gentler, more loving and constructive online world.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Oct 10, 2014   #2
Ceej, the first question I have for you is, what is the prompt for this essay? What topic or theme are you being asked to discuss? The paper is quite long to read and without knowing what the guidelines are for the creation of this essay, it will be hard to provide accurate feedback and suggestions regarding the work you have already done. Please upload that information as soon as possible so that we can better assist you with reviewing your paper. The paper does have grammar issues but I will hold off on correcting those because the content revision is the priority. Once the paper contains solid information, all other corrections can be done.

- I suggest that you combine these paragraphs even if it makes for a long one at the moment because the second paragraph actually contains the thesis statement your point of view on the issues. As we all know, those are the necessary information that creates a solid introductory statement.

Think before you click:

- Do not be redundant. Just go direct to the point in every paragraph. You need to establish this theme only once.

The reasons that you present as evidence in this paper are very valid and can easily be identified with by most people. So keep the information that you presented. It can be added to, shortened or deleted as needed after the prompt is presented as our guide. Your reasons just need grammar correction and polishing.

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