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Traditional foods are repaced by international fast food. advantageous or disadvantag

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Aug 16, 2011   #1
In many countries , traditional foods are being replaced by international fast food . This is having a negative effect on both families and societies. agree or disagree?

Nowadays, international fast food restaurants are very popular among people , and it was developing step by step. Now, the international fast food restaurants almost appear anywhere you can see. As a result, a lot of traditional foods are being replaced by international fast food. From my perspective, it is a negative signal for families and societies by using several reasons below.

Replacing traditional foods makes plenty of negative influences on family. First, international fast foods usually are unhealthy, expecially the deep fried chicken and french fries contain a number of calories. If people eat fast food frequently, they may get obesity and many kinds of diseases. In addition , most of people still like to eat traditional foods rather than fast food . In other words,traditional foods have a varity of flavours and its own style. However, as fast food was usually cooked bu machines , the flavours it has are almost same. For example , the Mcdonald's burgers in USA have the same taste with it in China . Many people already get accustomed to their traditional foods, so they will get disappointed if their favorite restaurants are replaced by a Mcdonald's . Moreover, international fast food going into people's manu makes the pace of our daily lives too fast. With the cruel and fierce competitions, many people choice fast food for thier lunch in order to save much time focusing on their works , then people may get physical and mental problems by eating fast food. Therefore , traditional foods replaced by international fast foods lead negative effects on people.

The number of international fast food restaurants increaing also cause a lot of negative effects on societies. To begin with , international fast food can disturb our traditional culture. In a country, the food is the part of culture. If the traditional foods was replaced , the culture would not be completed. For example, the dumplings are a symbolic food in China. In spring festival , which is the biggest celebrate of a year in China, everyone need to eat dumplings due to people think it can make family happy and lucky. dumplings are an irreplaceable food in China. Furthermore, the increase of fast food restaurans lead the speed of local economic development slow . this means economy will be influenced due to international restaurants replace traditional restaurants . The competitions between two kinds of restaurants must be existent , so if one ger stronger, the other might be disappeared. Thus , international fast food also influence economies on societies.

In conclusion , the information about traditional foods being replaced by international fast food is not beneficial to both families and societies. However I belive traditional paly an irreplaceable role in today's society.

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