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IELTS ; Is travelling around the world a good thing?

Aslanbek 2 / 2  
Jun 11, 2013   #1
Nowadays more and more people are spending their leisure time by travelling around the world.Some people think that such way of spending the time helps to know about new things.However,thera are some who belive that it is harmfull.

First of all,i want to say that travelling is the most popular activity at present.A huge amount of people annually travel to alot of countries from different places.Travelling is nort just spending time in another country.It also means to make new friends.You will have conversation with them from which you get enormous amount of information about their daily routines or life style.From such a good way of contact,you will gain a lot of benfit.For instance,you will know about their traditions and culture.This factors will enlarge your acknowledge about the world.

On the other hand,you can easily have "culture shock".It means that you will not understand their traditions.For example,we Asians eat horse meat.But our guests and not indegeneous people can not imagine how we eat it.

The second negative aspect is harmfull countries.Recent days,yau have wide range of chosing where you want to go.But there are some coasts and districts with awfull services.For decades,they can not go hand in hand with technology and they could not grew like country.So that there are some problems with medicine.From this reason,you can easily take disease or illness.

On the contrary, our world has some countries with excellent economic status.in these countries you can desrve large amount of opportunity in different aspects of travelling.To illustrate,sailing,rowing and so on...

To sum up,it can be suggested that travelling one of the most achievements of modern life and I agree with people who believe that travelling will enlarge your knowledge.

nguyenngoc 4 / 8  
Jun 11, 2013   #2
i don't really understand these sentence but i like this idea of you. i will use it when i have to talk about travelling.is it ok?!
dumi 1 / 6,948 1592  
Jun 11, 2013   #3
Some people think that such way of spending the time helps to know about new things

Some people think it is a good way of spending time because it helps people explore new things.

.However,thera there are some who belivebelieve that it is harmfullharmful .

.... you need to pay attention to spelling.... too many mistakes in one line :(
I think you also need to understand the expected essay format for this task.

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