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Unhealthy lifestyle - Perfect health in the way of life is a vital aspect in human life

Anfalia 40 / 56 23  
Nov 26, 2014   #1
Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem.
To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Perfect health in the way of life is a vital aspect in human life. While these days the majority of children spending long hours for pointing at TV and computer lead children's habitual to be unhealthy, lack of the physical activity and unbalanced diet also affect children's modern lifestyle. However, I strongly argue that not only parents and educational stakeholders could take the primary responsibility from this case but also government and health authorities should be able to inform the healthy lifestyle for children.

A general lack of wide-ranging fitness leads children's health problem currently. Parents' and schools' duties are to help children enhancing the high-intensity exercise. As an obvious example, physical subject should be the crucial subject at school; however, parents should educate their children to have regular sport every early morning. As a result, children will use to life in the conditional healthy style.

In addition, a range of foods might be significant factors in children's life-changing. It is undeniable that both parents and schools take the responsible for children's balance diet. To exemplify, schools introduce the appropriate balance diet theory and parents consider to prepare food-cooked include the taste and quality. Taking account of the example that being selective for the balance diet leads children to be health.

Another point to discuss this opinion is the support from governments and health authorities. They are supposed to provide health training for children. As an obvious example, leading co-green program and building a little dirt up into surrounded area enable children to create a hygiene lifestyle.

The aforementioned examines that all stakeholders related to children's development are responsible to require the balance healthy lifestyle for both physical activity and foods-ranged. Doubtfully, as the development of newly-invented technologies onward is about to lead the way children's habitual to be unhealthy.

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