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All university students should do some voluntary work to help the local community

Zenpix_loan 1 / -  
Apr 30, 2024   #1
It is argued that college students should support local communities through voluntary activities. From my perspective, while volunteering gives various benefits, I believe that this suggestion has its potential drawbacks.

On the one hand, helping other people and contributing to the community have the merits of a student's mental health and career path. Firstly, a lot of assignments, continuous exams in universities sometimes make students become stressed. Volunteering can help them to fight against the negative effects of the school. By helping others, dopamine, which reduces stress and increases positive and relaxed feelings, is released. Furthermore, by volunteering, students have the opportunity to gain many valuable skills such as problem - solving and teamwork which can secure their dream jobs after college.

On the other hand, being a volunteer might not be feasible for all university pupils. The first reason involves students with disabilities. These people have difficulties in finding a volunteering job which often demands a good physical condition. Moreover, they might suffer from negative attitudes by others and tend to feel lonely. The second reason is that the idea can create pressure on introverted people who tend to live their lives behind closed doors. Volunteers need to be able to work well with others, whereas introverts are not interested in networking events and meeting new people.

In conclusion, while there are many advantages for students to participate in voluntary projects to help local communities, it is unrealistic to expect all college students to be a part of voluntary organizations.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
May 4, 2024   #2
The essay would receive an automatic failing score in this case. You have not managed to properly paraphrase the original prompt and, your writer's opinion is not related to the question posed. So the preliminary task accuracy score will be provided based upon an unrelated discussion format. That means, the essay will start with a failing score. The fact that there are only 251 words in this essay is also another drawback since the points that can be awarded, mostly in the LR section in this case, will be limited in presentation and scope. The comparative discussion format will further reduce whatever is left of the score because again, you are not writing based on the writing instructions that were provided in the original prompt.
an68 2 / 3  
May 10, 2024   #3
i think your second body paragraph is not really convincing that in my opinion, introverts also should take part in volunteering activities in order to communicate with others

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