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The Village of Stokeford in 1930 and 2010

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May 25, 2015   #1
The maps below show the village of Stokeford in 1930 and 2010.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.

The maps give information about Stokeford village housing and facilities directory changes in 80 years from 1930. The most intriguing facts to emerge were the disappearance of farmlands and the replacement of large house with retirement home.

Moving to a more detailed explanation, in 1930 and 2010, there was a street which divided Strokeford village into west and east sides. This road remained connecting the village to its northern border with a bridge by the river. There was a farmland on the west side in 1930, and then it was replaced by a housing complex in the next period. However, the post office remained at the same position. Moreover, the shops were reconstructed to provide more houses as well.

Next, the farmland at the top of the east also changed its function to housing facility. Other things that changed in this part at the village are the additional buildings at primary high school, a few more houses and the transformation of large house into retirement home.

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May 25, 2015   #2
Hallo Trias,
Overall, your essay is very good.
However, I would like to give you some advice.
For grouping, I suggest you to divide the map into two parts. The first part consists of western village as first paragraph, and the second part is the opposite for the second paragraph. Therefore, you can compare one another.

I hope it can render you little improvement.
Good luck for your IELTS.

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