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Watching movies vs. reading the original books

r1996mm 1 / -  
Apr 27, 2014   #1
Many books have been made into films.
Some people say that it is better to watch the film rather than read the original book.
Write an article giving your views about this issue

Living through pages!
After many books have been such a great success, they have been made into films. So there are people who believe that books are a waste of time & that movie son the other hand are much more enjoyable, while as many others - including myself - prefer reading the book itself.

Firstly, books take between three days and week to be read. This makes people more attahed to the book and to each of its characters, which in turn makes the book a part of the reader's life. Accordingly, the story becomes more enjoyable by the reader & gives him a closer look to the events of the story, which makes both of the happy & sad moments sacred and priceless.

Second of all, are nearly two hours, and so the producer of the movie will be forced to delete many scenes, which is very frustrationg. Actually many people noticed that in several movies including Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The books was way more enjoyable; the book was written in very fine details which made the reader feel the happenings as if he were himself living the story. He could actually imagine the characters in his own world and know their thoughts too!

To sum up, movies might let you see the movies with your own eyes, but the book cooperates with your heart and mind so that you could live the story!

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
May 9, 2014   #2
Well, this is a very good essay. However, you better include specific examples to support your reasons that you use to justify your opinion.
halleybachelor 16 / 25 1  
May 9, 2014   #3
One piece of advice is to pay attention to your spelling and always proofread after finishing your writing. And I wonder if "&" is appropriate to be used in an essay.
Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
May 14, 2014   #4
Second of allSecondly , are nearlythe movie can take about maximumtwo hours and the film director cannot possibly accommodate every detail in the original book into the story line of the movie. Not only that the movie would exclude less sensational scenes to attract its audience, and so the producer of the movie will be forced to delete many scenes, which is very frustrationg .

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