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the way of nominating homeroom teacher

je2ks2 19 / 10  
Jun 17, 2008   #1
hello, here is another my essay, which contains lots of things to be corrected.. I am always grateful for your help. :-)

Last year, one high school introduced new way of nominating students' homeroom teacher. That school gave students a chance to decide their homeroom teacher based on candidate teachers' profile, using school homepage. Some people are cautious about this new method since it could bring up potential problems such as discrimination against some unpopular teachers. However, I firmly believe the advantages of this system outweigh the disadvantages.

First, there is a much higher chance at building up a better relationship with homeroom teacher. Since students are given a chance to choose the teacher based on their preference on teacher, they are more open to their teacher and approach him or her. That is because it is a natural tendency for ordinary people to want to be close to a person they prefer.

In addition, students are more likely to study harder if they are with their preferred homeroom teacher. Usually, students' study habit can be greatly influenced by the person around them. That is, students can be motivated just because they like to be marked as a 'good' student by their homeroom teacher.

Finally, there would be relatively less complaint and gossip about homeroom teacher at school. There may be some reasons that cause students to choose a certain teacher. No matter what the reasons are, it is their own decision they made. Thus, they should neither complain about nor talk behind teacher's back unless they want to admit their decision was wrong.

In summary, this new way of choosing homeroom teacher based of students' own decision can be a breakthrough in education field. For instance, students could build up firm relationship with their teacher and study harder. Moreover, less compliant about homeroom teacher is arouse. Therefore, this should be encouraged and adopted as a new alternative for nominating homeroom teacher in many schools.
OP je2ks2 19 / 10  
Jun 24, 2008   #2
Well, I guess the verb 'nominate' causes you some confusion. What I am intended to say, is just the way of appointing a homeroom teacher-which class they would take charge of. (I am still not sure if the verb 'appoint' is a proper term. If not, what about 'designate'?) Traditionally, it has never been imagined to let students choose their homeroom teachers. Usually, homeroom teachers are designated (or appointed) very randomly by their own choice, or the school system, right? So, 'to nominate homeroom teacher' refers to the way of deciding which class teachers would have responsible for.

I hope this post helps to clarify the meaning of my essay. If it is still confusing, please let me know. :-) 
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jun 25, 2008   #3
Good morning :)

I see what you mean. In the States we say "assigned" a lot. How about "assigning" or "delegating", or "electing"; probably more apt, "choosing" or "choose"? As in, "Last year, one high school introduced a new way of delegating students' homeroom teachers."

"Last year, one high school introduced a new way of choosing students' homeroom teachers."

When we say "nominate" that person or thing is up for some kind of award or they/it have won some sort of contest, as in "So-and-So has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize"; that is the connotation that goes along with this word.

You could also use assignment, as in "Therefore, this should be encouraged and adopted as a new alternative to assignment."

Anything along these lines would be appropriate.

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OP je2ks2 19 / 10  
Jun 26, 2008   #4
Thank you so much, Gloria. The essay topic question used the word 'nominate', in fact. The person who made up the question must have made a mistake in chooing the word. Anyways, thank you once again!

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