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" extraordinary young man" ;recommendation letter by homeroom teacher

Ping2008 1 / -  
Nov 30, 2008   #1
Hello. I am a teacher at an international school. English is not my first language. I would need some help. Is there any grammatical mistakes on this recommendation letter? It is for a student I like very dearly. Thank you.

To Whom It May Concern:

XXX is an extraordinary young man. As his homeroom teacher for two years and biology teacher for three years, I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. I understand that XXX is applying to the undergraduate program at the University of XX. I would strongly recommend him for admission without any hesitation.

I feel extremely confident that he will continue to succeed in his studies. XXX is a dedicated student and thus far his grades have been exemplary. He is an asset to our school. In class, he has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. XXX has superior interpersonal skills and works equally well independently or in a group setting. He also displays good leadership skills when involved in group projects. He is very well liked and respected by both his peers and his teachers. For example, because of his interest, he has decided to also take biology. I would tutor him and another student privately and I remembered how hard working he was. He would listen attentively and also ask questions as opposed to the other student. I remember we were talking about cell division, the events that occur in the four phases of mitosis. This is a very hard topic and XXX and the other student both were having difficult time learning. Unlike the other student, XXX would ask intelligent questions until he gets to the bottom of things. His grades for his first assessment clearly showed how hard working and determined he is.

XXX is also very active in all kinds of activities at school. One example that I remember very clearly was during our annual Christmas show. Students would usually sing or make a speech but he designed clothes as a designer and showed them as a model. He transformed the place into a mini runway, which is something very different and new to see in a Chinese school. He is very creative and open-minded, and isn't afraid to step out the safe zone which I like very much about him. XXX is also a kind-hearted young man; he co-founded the Help US club, which has a motto 'to donate and help the fun way.' In Help US club he would sell cookies weekly in school, and then donated the money to charity to help poor children.

During the last two years, XXX has successfully demonstrated his language abilities and his communication skills. For several times, his language teachers recommended his essay and stories as the best in the class. In class, he is one of the few students that can talk to everyone despite their cultures. He does not believe that students' background, or the culture could set them aside from being friends. XXX tries very hard to bring her classmates from all over the world together as a group.

I believe that XXX has tremendous potential as a student and I feel quite confident that he would be an asset to both student life and academics at University of XXX. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Thank you for helping me. I would like to ask, is there any format for writing a recommendation letter? This student of mine is one of the best in my class and is applying to a very prestigious university in U.S.A. Is there any suggestion for this letter of recommendation to be better?

Thank you.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 1, 2008   #2
Several times , his language teachers celebrated his essays and stories as the best in the class.

He does not believe that a students' background, or culture should prevent them from becoming friends.

XXX tries very hard to bring his classmates from all over the world together as a group.

Wonderful letter of recommendation, and he's very lucky to have had such a caring teacher.

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