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Essay about my weekend activities

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Oct 17, 2008   #1
I was asked to write an essay about my weekend activity. I would be grateful if any one review my draft essay and give me a comment or edit the whole essay for me. Thank you.


This Friday and Saturday were passed as usual; working almost the whole day on Friday and half day on Saturday, driving the city bus on the same route and also dealing with the same passengers. The main things I done this weekend was; submitted my assignment and quiz answers, went to church and mowed the grass on the front yard.

Since I start my distance education, I spent all my spare time reading my text book and research related topics on the internet to improve my knowledge and answer all the questions asked by my instructor. So, Saturday after noon was the day I spent long time to edit my essay draft before I submitted for score. When I finished editing, I read it again and again but I wasn't satisfied on my work. At this moment, I remember my instructor's suggestion. So, I decide to read it again on Sunday. So, I saved my work and turned off my computer.

The next day Sunday was a little chilly in the morning. However, my fiancé and I didn't change our mind from going church. The church was about 25 miles away from our home. We stayed there until 1:00pm. After church, my fiancé and I went to our favorite restaurant us usual to eat our lunch. By the time we get home it was 3:30pm.

Finally, after a little rest; watching movie and chat with my fiancé, I went to the front yard to mow the grasses. This is the worse part of owning the house; cleaning, mowing and gardening every time.

This weekend passed as usual doing assignments, went church and working around the house. And it will continue until a significant change in my life. Who knows, one day I would win a lottery and travel the world and relax around the beaches on weekends with my fiancé. Until then I am Ok with it.

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Oct 17, 2008   #2
Your content is very thorough. You do a good job of introducing what you will discuss in the piece, you give quite a good amount of detail in the body, and your conclusion is very neat. A good essay overall.
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Oct 18, 2008   #3
Hello Gloria,
I really don't have words how much appreciated your comments and feedback. I wish I knew about this website long time ago. Thank you.


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