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'Weekly money expenditure on fast food' - IELTS

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Oct 11, 2012   #1
Hi everybody,

I really just need someone to read it over for me.This is Ä°ELTS writing task 1.

The cart below indicates how much monay per week was spent on fast food and the tendency for consumption of fast food . The items measure hamburgers,fish and chips,and pizza.Beginning with hamburgers,it can be seen that when the income decreased, expense of hanburger diminished.This can be explainedin that the price of hamburgeris high for average and low income groups.However , consumption of hamburgers have gradually increased in decade years.fish and chips were sonsumed byaverageincome groups more than others, and the other income groups are equal in expense of fish and chips.On the other hand,consumption of fish and chipswas reducing from 1970 to 1985and than an increase between 1985 and 1990 .Like hamburgers,expenditure on pizza show a decline towards low income, but again like hamburger,consumption of pizza have raised for every years up to 1990.An explanation could be that pizza was expensive ,and people gradually like it.

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