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Write an essay how adults can influence younger people's behaviour

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Sep 10, 2023   #1

adult's impact on a child or juvenile

Adults influence on younger people's behaviour is a hotly-debated topic that often divides opinion. Nowadays in the eara of social medias and the internet it is remarkably challenging to agjust teenagers attitude to mundane values. Therefore, many parents decide to appeal to family psycholagists thus they assume that all of their misunderstanding with children are bound to be solved.

It is common knowledge that the method of influencering plays a crucial role in the upbrigning the infant, therefore showing them a vivid illustration of an appropriate behaviour or manners setting as an example the person they appreciate the most will undoubtedly captivate their attention. Not only will this notion bear fruit to child's character and perception but also it will make an impact on parents and children connection.

Another factor to consider is that youngsters are usually absolutely inexperienced thefore they are inclined to make irretional and reckless decisions. Some pedagouges believe that it is child's limited life experience that is the reason for the following actions. Hence it is crucial for parents to provide their children advice and assistance therefore young people could be able to overcume difficulties. In most cases, children are tend to consult with their relatives before meaningful events in their life such as changing the occupation, marriage or relocation. Not only does this occurs among young people but elderly people are not exception.

In the light of the above, everyone needs somebody who he can respect and trust, as a consequence building a strong bond among not only family but generations is the greatest way to affect young people's behaviour.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
Sep 25, 2023   #2
hotly-debated topic

It is not a hotly debated topic. Rather, it is an often discussed topic among parents and educators. You are trying to create controversy where there is none and therefore, not really aligning your discussion with the original presentation.


You are using this to create a plural reference for a word that uses the same spelling to represent both its plural and singular form. You will need to adjust your English word knowledge in this case. Familiarize yourself with the plural patterns of such words.


Wrong spelling. You need to practice self-editing. Learn to proof read your paper for things such as grammar reference and spelling errors. You will lose points for each mistake you make in those sections.

This is not a well written paper if we base the score on technicalities. The examiner cannot give you a higher mark because you were not really careful in the way you developed the paper and then passed off a draft as a final copy.
Sep 25, 2023   #3
Your information feels accurate. The structure of the paragraphs could use some work and there are some spelling mistakes that could be fixed with grammar. But besides that it seems fine

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