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Cause and effect essay ideas?

Aline_11 1 / 1  
Feb 22, 2010   #1
Hi, my name is Aline. I am currently in English 101 and we recieved the assignment of the cause and effect essay. i have no idea on what to write about!

i was thinking about maybe the use of drugs or alcohol
but then again everyone has done that please help me on ideas!! :D
msdenna 2 / 6  
Feb 22, 2010   #3
eating habits and health
megha 7 / 13  
Feb 23, 2010   #4
Global warming.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Feb 23, 2010   #5
Well, what to write about is easy, because there are so many options. Is that really the problem, or is it that you are not sure how to write the thesis statement, topic sentences, and so forth.

If you google this: cause effect essay
You will see lots of great explanations of how to do it. You can just use one of the examples provided and substitute your own example. Make it an interesting observation. Some causes and effects are not obvious.

How about an intro that grabs the reader's attention and then tells the reader that owning a car causes people to have less free time?
tarrenjp 1 / 4  
Mar 9, 2010   #6
I would advise against writing about drugs and alcohol. Thats a subject that a good portion of your class will likely write about as well. Teachers get bored of reading same essay over and over again. Try and think outside of the box, or at least try and think of subjects your classmates are unlikely to write about.

For example you could talk about how exposure to combat affects soldiers by giving them PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Theres plenty of literature on the internet about it, and with the number of combat veterans in society today it is a prevalent issue.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Mar 10, 2010   #7
I would advise against writing about drugs and alcohol.

Good point Tarrenjp! Thanks for participating here. I'm going to go take another look at your essay...
djanat 19 / 29  
Mar 10, 2010   #8
i suggest you to choose one topic only
talking bout drug or talking abut alcohol even they have the same effets.

you have also to choose between talkig about the effects or talking about causes. you can not gather effects and causes of some thing in one essay

for example th causes of "getting married".
- 1st cause : falling in love.
-2nd cause : to have kids .
-3rd cause: to live better.

when you talk aoout the effects of "getting marrie"
-effect 1: more responsibility
-effect 2:fewer social opportunity.
-effect3: better future prospets

i hope i was clear
OP Aline_11 1 / 1  
May 6, 2010   #9
thaank you very much for the greaat ideas! i did it on divorce.! i got an 87% which is the highest grade on an essay in my 101 class((:

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