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Comparison of steel and timber frame buildings?? (Offices)

Bollox85 6 / 4  
Nov 22, 2006   #1
I need help on this topic. I need to know the advantages and disadvantages on this matter. Comparing the 2 would also be very helpful!

Thanks ever so much

EF_Team2 1 / 1708  
Nov 23, 2006   #2

A number of factors spring to mind as being important when choosing building materials: cost, energy efficiency, availability, impact on the environment, aesthetics, and variables related to strength and endurance such as climate, potential of earthquakes, flood, high winds, etc.

Googling "Comparison of steel and timber frame buildings" brought up some information that looks useful, including a thesis called. "Which is Better? - Steel, Concrete or Wood" That might be enough to get you started, particularly the "References" section, which will lead you to numerous articles.

I hope this proves helpful for you!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

Home / Essays / Comparison of steel and timber frame buildings?? (Offices)
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