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I don't know how write this process essay!

Hello guys. I wanna write this process essay but I don't know how?
I mean the process order is very unclear! I am supposed to write process essay just with this picture!
please help me
thx in advance!

Dec 6, 2016   #2
Soheil, unfortunately we cannot and should not write this process essay for you. The main reason for that is because the illustration can be interpreted in many ways by different people looking at it. What we can do, is at least point you in the right direction or get you started on the right track by showing you where the process essay starts.

The process starts at the point where the diagram outlines the original shape of the headland. Start your essay with a description from that point. Then go to the left side of the diagram and start your explanation from there. Follow the process and describe it. The key descriptions are indicated in the illustration. You just have to form sentences with it. The diagram is clear,

I sense that you are being frantic and frustrated because this may be the very first time that you are writing a process essay. So keep a clear head. Just look for the starting point, it is always clearly outlined or pointed out in the diagram, chart, illustration, or whatever it is that you are supposed to analyze for the process essay.

This type of essay is open to interpretation because of the process illustration provided. So the essay can, like I said, be presented in various ways. Your job, as the summary writer, is to interpret what you see and put it into written form. We cannot do that for you. This is a test of analytical and comprehension skills so this is something that you have to do on your own.
Thank you so much. But I have written process essays before, I know process essay has a common method including asking these questions from yourself:

Is it a man-made or natural process?
How many stages are there?
What is produced?
Where does it start and where does it end?
Is it cyclical or linear?
Are any materials added?
and then use the answers of these questions in your essay but in this one, I can't see any this related to answer of these questions. (because the samples say so)

I mean sentences like "This is a man-made linear process..." and so on. So this kind of process is something differnet.
Dec 6, 2016   #4
Like I said, this essay is open to interpretation. It requires you, as the writer, to use the following skills in responding to the questions you posed:

1. Common sense
2. Analytical abilities
3. Logical thought process
4. Ability to write in a chronological order

The good news is that because the diagram you are being shown is so vague, that you can actually interpret it in any way that you want. There are no right or wrong answers in this case. The only concern of your answer, should be to produce a logical thought process that can manage to explain the diagram in the best way that you understand. Here is another tip, look at the start of the diagram, then look at the end result of the process. That should help you understand the process a little bit more using the in - between information provided in the illustration.

So, how do you understand the diagram? Write about it and post it here. If it looks confusing to you, then say so in your essay. Just write about what you think the process is about. The worst thing that you can do is to not even try to write something about what you are seeing just because you feel confused about it. Write with a confused thought process, we can help you sort it out so that it makes sense. The point is, we can't help you until you at least try to write something.
I edited the last one, so plz look at this one:

The diagram demonstrates the erosion process of a headland by sea.

Overall it can be seen that the frontal part of headland has been partially washed away and a sea cave and a blowhole are created in central part of headland.

In the past times, headland's frontal shape was completely different from today. There was an arch in addition of a rocky area beside the sea next that arch, but as result of continious diggings done by the sea waves, the arch collapsed and frontal half of rocky area was annihilated and transformed to a little stump. The other half of rocky area is still standing, but without the arch now it has changed to a stack, surrounded by sea, with a wave cut section in beneath which is visible at low tide.

At the central part of headland, sea water has created an arch and a sea cave in consequence of sea waves undercutting.

Furthermore at Terminal of point of headland, the sea not only has been craved a blowhole but also has done some erosions and created lines which explaining the fact that area's stability has reduced and this place is exposed to much more erosion.
Dec 7, 2016   #7
Soheilk, you did pretty good work on this process essay. You just needed the confidence and prodding to give it a try. You just need some instruction regarding the format of the process essay. Since you have already written other essays for task 1, I assume that you are familiar with the need to present at least 3 sentences per paragraph with a maximum of 5 paragraphs in your essay. The overview introduction should be clear and allow the reader to know the basis for the topic discussion with the conclusion in summary form. Your introduction needs some more work in that aspect.

In order to make your essay bit more compliant, all you have to do is add the sentences from the 2nd paragraph to the single sentence that you have which represents your introduction or first paragraph. When you do that, make sure that you edit the long sentence into at least 2 more parts in order to create the minimum 3 sentence requirement. How you position it is up to you. You have to do the same thing for your conclusion because that is incomplete in presentation as well.

A point of adjustment for the content of your essay though. The blowhole was created before the sea cave. The sea cave was the result of the eroded blow hole. Like I said, you have to read the illustration from the right (with the outline of the original headland) and then start the process from the left of the drawing so the process would be:

1. Original headland
2. blow hole
3. sea cave
4. headland
5. arch
6. under cutting
7, collapse
8. stack
9. wave-cut platform
10. stump

Since the process is open to interpretation, the above listing is how I understand the process to have gone. It is somewhat similar to yours and is only technical in nature. You did a good job in explaining the process as you understand it to be.
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