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Philisophical Essay Topic? Would it be appropriate?

Llamapoop123 7 / 442  
Sep 19, 2009   #1
A friend asked me if it is appropriate for a college essay to discuss philisophical ideas in depth. I don't really know what kind of concepts he wants to choose but he thinks that this type of essay would be reasonable for a university like Chicago. I'm afraid that this essay would be too impersonal but on the other hand, it would portray him as a deep thinker. I thought that there would also be risks involved if admissions did not like his particular brand of thought. I can't really understand some of the complex stuff that he conjures up but I think that Chicago admissions would understand. What do you guys think?

Edit: I know that I'm being quite broad but I don't have much more info on what he wants to write. I'm asking this question also because I may write something along these lines.
macca 3 / 15  
Sep 19, 2009   #2
I personally think that it is better to write something personal, except when the prompt specifically asks for 'ideas', for example Stanford's prompt. For other prompts, I think it's risky.
OP Llamapoop123 7 / 442  
Sep 19, 2009   #3
hmmm. I was just under the impression that Chicago is different in its expectations.
shirleytse 5 / 17  
Sep 21, 2009   #4
I think he should incorporate some of his personality into the paper if he is going to discuss these ideas. While personal essays are good, they tend to get a bit hackneyed. With a philisophical essay, the college would really be able to see how your friend thinks and whether it suits their college. However, it all depends on how you develop the essay.

leave some feedback on my essay for UMich
OP Llamapoop123 7 / 442  
Sep 21, 2009   #5
leave some feedback on my essay for UMich

^lol...is that an order?
shirleytse 5 / 17  
Sep 22, 2009   #6
lol no not really just a suggestion =) please? lol xP
fitz1901 2 / 5  
Sep 23, 2009   #7
I disagree.. Most colleges don't want some rehashed philosophical outlook, they want too know who you are as a person, they want specifics on your life. This does not mean that you can't include philosophy in it, that would be foolish, but you have too relate it too an event/events in your life.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Sep 23, 2009   #8
The question is whether your friend is able to engage these philosophical ideas intelligently, in a manner that demonstrates his personality as well as his outlook. Sometimes high school students think that their ideas are much more clever and original than they actually are. They try to show off by arguing what are actually quite juvenile ideas, looking worse than they would have if they had stuck to a more conventional topic. The only way for us to tell whether it would be well-advised for your friend to put forward his philosophical ideas would be for us to see those ideas.

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