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ebente 1 / -  
Nov 21, 2010   #1
pls i need a thesis statement for this topic TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY

jcartwright93 2 / 3  
Nov 22, 2010   #2
The advancement of technology has change our society through medicine, military, and social.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Nov 29, 2010   #3
This is a true statement, but is it "arguable?"

A thesis statement should be arguable. That means it is something that not everyone will agree with.

If it is something everyone will agree with, why write about it?

Choose the thesis this way: Write a paragraph about an article. Write a paragraph about another article. Write a paragraph about a third article. Begin each paragraph with a TOPIC SENTENCE that tells the main idea of the article.

Look at the three paragraphs together, and see what the three ideas are. Whatever they are, they will show you the theme for your essay. WAIT until you have written 3 paragraphs before you try to see the thesis statement.

After you write 3 paragraphs, it will be there; you will see it!

santosh86 - / 1  
Dec 15, 2014   #4
Advancement in technology may not be boon? argument essay

I want both positive and negative thesis statement
Danah96 5 / 14 6  
Dec 16, 2014   #5
Pro-technology thesis statement: Technological advancements are the products of the traits that separate man from beast; without them, we would have no proof of our superior intellect.

Con-technology thesis statement: The further technology advances, the further the human race strays from the natural order; an order that has proven it's efficiency since the beginning of time.

Sorry if they sound melodramatic, I can sometimes get carried away with my writing.

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