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I want to write essay - topic is "My Father is inspires to me most"

Oct 6, 2011   #1
I have to write essay that due by Monday and i don't know how to write essay.
Please help me, essay topic is "My Father is inspires to me most"
Thank You.

To begin with you should start by checking the topic "My Father is inspires to me most" it should be "My Father is the one who inspires to me most" Secondly; brainstorm some ideas about your father as a role model to you or examples. Thirdly, organize this ideas into paragraph

1-> Who is your father. Tell us. final sentence- Why does he inspires you?(mention 2 or three reasons)
2->First reason. Develop give examples, tell us (the readers) stories of him inspiring you from this point of view.
3-> Second reason, different to the previous, examples or anecdotes of him backing up this point
4->Round up Why your father inspires you according to the reasons that you gave (sum up) and perhaps one last thought to makes feel inspired by you as well and thinking about our own fathers.

Hope this will help you!
Oct 8, 2011   #3
First of all, this essay is really tough for some people. The fact that you don't know how write this essay, seems to mean that you don't know about your father very well.

Think about what your father has done for you and just like the prompt, "What inspiration did your father gave to you."
Don't be negative about your father in any circumstances! That creates very ambiguous and unclear about you and your father. But also don't brag about your father (how great he is), etc.

Relate you and your father and share some similarities.

Hope this helps! Remember, if you can't think about what your father means to you, you won't make a clear, truthful essay.

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