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Write a tragic autofiction or autobiography witout feeling sad or pathetic without feeling

I'm struggling about this work. I don't know what to do at all, i dont get the point thats why im looking for help

You may want to first, try to find your source of the task and the intention of the one who assigned this question. Then, go over some materials available to look for ideas. Note: Keep records of those ideas popped into your mind which might be your next story. Finally, come back with your first draft and ask for help or revise.
Hi Gina, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family, it's a great feeling to welcome yet another member of this ever growing family. Here at EF, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and objective feedback that will allow you to re-write your essay and boost that confidence in your essay.

Having said that, the topic or the prompt is indeed quiet tough, however, in this cases, one practice that I want to share with you is to understand the prompt properly. if you need to look up each word associated to the prompt, then go ahead, this will ease your understanding of what to write and should allow you to start writing and know exactly what to write.

Moreover, in this kind of writing, see yourself as somebody who is narrating a tragic event in a very monotone and flat voice, this means you will just tell a story but as it is not a personal one or something that did not happen to your, it should not hurt or affect you at all or if it will, as we are just humans, the intensity of the feeling should not be that painful, therefore, you should be able to write and convey your message in a very strong manner.
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Gina, in order for you to write this work of autofiction, you first have to know how it is written by others in the same field. Basically, a work of autofiction is written in the third person regarding a usually historic figure. Normally, you should mix historical events with events you made up for the story. Or, you can exaggerate events in order to create a more engrossing narration. Consider reading Cold Blood by Truman Capote for a better reference as to how to write this sort of story.

This is how you can write the story without any feelings. You are a mere narrator of events that may or may not have happened the way it is told in your story. It is often easier to write this sort of narrative if you look into historical figures who had tragic endings to their life stories. That way you will have more room to work out the fiction part of the story.

If you write about Maumar Khaddafi, Consider his final moments leading up to the people finding his hiding place and his public lynch mobbing, What do you think he was thinking about before he died? Was there some sort of repentance on his part? That is where the "fiction" part of the "biography" comes in. Just keep yourself unattached and unfeeling by writing it from the third person point of view. You will have to successfully mix fiction with fact in order to get the non emotional writing angle that your teacher wants you to provide.

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