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Essay Forum Appreciation Thread

Apr 6, 2010   #1
i feel very comfortable to become a member of this informative site
i have to know something that is, i complete my BBA hons degree with 150 credit hours
and what can i do now anybody give me useful suggestion
i am very grateful for this act
shahbaz ali

Apr 6, 2010   #2
First of all congratulations on your degree. Ok, so What was your majors in BBA? Finance?Accounting?HR? You can try out for jobs in industry or an educational setup or if you want to continue building up on your educational experience you can do an MBA. Im guessing with BBA honors you now only have to do a one year of MBA degree work...

Best of luck with your future endeavors.
EF_Kevin [Contributor] 129  
Apr 6, 2010   #3
i complete my BBA hons degree with 150 credit hours
and what can i do now anybody give me useful suggestion

What do you like to do on an ordinary day. You should think about what you enjoy doing. Your degree makes you a valuable employee, so you can get a job doing something you enjoy. That is the best any of us can hope for.
Apr 23, 2010   #4
Hello, I didn't know where to put this, but I'd like to thank everyone that helped me fix my essays.

I was accepted into most of my colleges.
Some of which include Syracuse, NYU-Poly, Adelphi, Ithaca, and Drexel!

I don't think I could have written the essays I wrote without the help of all the cool people here!

So this is my very appreciating thanks!
I'm so grateful to have found this website.

If you need someone to read your essays, I'd gladly read them!

EF_Kevin [Contributor] 129  
Apr 24, 2010   #5
Awesome!! Check out the "unanswered" list to find people who still need help. Also check out


I'm glad they recognized your potential!
Apr 27, 2010   #6
Yea, I def will help out whenever I can.

At least until I go off to college, even then I'll try to help out.

OP ershad193 5  
Jul 9, 2010   #7
Hey guys

I got my IELTS score today. I scored 8 out of 9. My writing score was 7.5 (why didn't I join this forum six months back?), which is all right. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone associated with this site; the mods (esp. Kevin) and the members.

I'd advise all the non-native speakers to keep posting their essays. You'll improve pretty quickly.

Jul 9, 2010   #8

This is a very good result.Hope, even greater success awaits you in the future. I realize the significance of efforts that you took, but after all, all efforts are rewarded, as you proved on your example.
Jul 9, 2010   #9
ohhhhhhhhhhh Congratulation. I am so happy for your success.
OP ershad193 5  
Jul 9, 2010   #10
Thanks you all. good luck!!
EF_Kevin [Contributor] 129  
Jul 11, 2010   #11
What are you talking about!? I don't think I have found any errors in any of your posts. You wrote well before you ever signed up.

Ha ha hahaha.... :-) Thanks for the appreciation thread.
Jul 27, 2015   #12
I would like to say something with website maker

I would like to say Thank you and I would like to give a morale support for who create this website.In the present,many people have a problem with English.This website can help many people and it can make people in every country to be friend.Thank you so much for this website.Please continue give a good chance for everyone in the world.I will be a morale support to you :)

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it!
Ssakshijain [Contributor] 87  
Apr 9, 2016   #13
Just an appreciation note to Essay Forum!!

Hello EF team,

This is just a thank you note for Essay Forum members especially the Admin and moderators who made this forum.

You helped me to succeed in my GRE and TOEFL exams. I do not specifically remember every name but I do remember @TJLuschen, vangiespein (Louisa) who went through my essays repetitively.

Then a big thank you to Louisa (vangispein) again to help me in my personal statement essays and to remain patient with me. Thank you to @justivy for continuously providing feedback on my essays. Thank you to @EF_Kevin for boosting my confidence level. Thank you to @crystal, @mita to go through my essays.

Out of 4 schools, I applied I got accepted to 3 schools. :D I don't know how could I have managed it without EF. As being an international student, everything was new to me including the whole admission process that requires you to write personal statement without even a single mistake. :/ I appreciate your time and effort on my essays especially when everyone is busy with their own essays and studies and work. Plus it is my pleasure if I can help other students too who are going through the same place as I was some day.

I am surely missing many names so when you read this note and you remember reading my essay , please consider this as a personal thank you :) Forgive me for not remembering all names. :( :)

Thank you !!!! :D :D You're always welcome, thank you!

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