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I aspire to work as a data analysis; SOP- Master of Data Science in USC

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Aug 5, 2013   #1
Below is my 2nd Version of my sop for usc master in data science. I have struggled a lot for its refinement. any advice is welcome. Thank you, guys!

Computer Science Studies

My fascination in Computer Science derived from one mathematics class, where, to illustrate how Linear Algebra was implemented, the professor took the Page Rank Algorithm of Google as an example. The process of interpreting page importance and hyperlink connections to their counterpart as stationary vector and matrix transformation in the Algorithm enthralled me greatly. Such first insight of how computer engineers approach real-world problems incited me to delve further into the field.

My study atXX University offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance my science foundations. As an undergraduate, I built significant programming skills developing computer gaming software architecture with my two friends while some of my classmates are still struggling with the pointers. I was solely responsible for the sound effect and partially responsible for the animation of the design. During the subsequent course of study, my exposure in Computer Science expanded to Object Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, and Operating Systems etc.

As my understanding steadily grew, my special interest in Data Science gradually burgeoned. In my sophomore year, I worked under the guidance of Prof. Xiang. His assistance and advice propelled my work in the development of a Matlab program that imitated the 3-D reconstruction process from image data, making use of SIFT algorithm to do so. This experience showed me the very panorama of what Data Science could achieve. To me, the possibilities of Data are limitless; hence I commit myself to the innovative application of it.

I am always obsessed with statistic approaches to real-world problems, and subjects like Probability Theory, Mathematical statistics, Stochastic Process have been my strong hold. Data Science can provide me the very theoretical and computational tools to encode and solve the problems in statistic way. In my junior year, I worked as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Wang Wei. My main task was to find the relation of two parameters indicating the quality of Internet, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). I implemented a genetic algorithm to perform statistical modeling to determine the relationship of QoE and the key elements (extracted using Finite Element Analysis) that determine QoS. Specifically, I developed a tool that could change the weights of different factors based on the input. During the process, I obtained much familiarity with NP-completeness problems and algorithm like the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm as I tried to incorporate it in my Matlab program.

Although my focus is mainly Electrical Engineering, the much involvement in areas like circuit design and digital signal processing in turn boosted my learning of computer science. Since the efficiency of the program is highly valued in signal processing (the reason for the emergence of algorithms like FFT and wavelet transformation), and the knowledge of Operating Systems is much demanded in a system design, the intense practice in EE led to my sound possession of the essential knowledge of Computer Science.

Currently, I work as a maintenance engineer, a career which I chose in order to acquire comprehensive experience of practical applications. My current work involves designing and testing wired and wireless network systems and configuring network elements to develop new services and adding equipment, for optimal route assignment on distributed computer systems.

Throughout my work, I find out Data Science playing a more and more important role in future marketing and business decision making, which aids me to finalize my future focus of learning.

I aspire to work as a data analysis, and University of Southern California would enable me to realize aspirations and interests that exceed my existing career parameters. The guidance of USC's remarkable faculty and the stimulating ethos of its research labs would enable me to build on my deep but interrelated interests, background and research intentions, offering me the foundation on which to conduct ground-breaking projects. I believe I would make an excellent contribution to the atmosphere at USC and subsequently be a successful data analyst with my passion for data, leadership and communication skills polished through work.<

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