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'civil engineering: to play a central role in this revolution' - STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

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Oct 3, 2011   #1
This is my personal statement. I would appreciate help with edits and structure. Thanks
An enormous number of challenges thrown out by progression of technology and the effects it has had on civilization have made me choose environmental engineering profession. Before I proceed further, I will like to talk about myself and career objectives that has motivated me to pursue research in environmental engineering at the graduate level.

I am an immigrant from Ghana, a third world country where I completed my high school education with a certificate in sciences. During my college days in Ghana as a Biological science student with my specialization in fisheries and aquatic science, it were some courses that motivated me to learned more about the environment: limnology, oceanography and Integrated Coastal Zone Management I and II just to mention a few. In these courses, I studied the problems of natural resource management in developing countries and its environmental impacts and analysis. As a continent, Africa has many natural lakes and rivers, but the safety of the water for human consumption is of particular concern. Water sources often cross country boundaries within Africa with no integrated system for managing water supply and sanitation procedures. The food crisis in Africa is another problem that needs serious attention. Common challenges include locust invasions of crops as well as crop losses to droughts. The use of environmental engineering science would help to create an effective water management system and come up with strategies to combat environmental challenges that occur on a frequent basis.

Many factors had influenced my decision of pursuing a Master of Science degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in Environmental Engineering. Most of them had been talked about previously. My enrolled back in XYZ university as environmental science student that time made a great impact in my life and the new career path l took. My meetings with professors and professionals in this field also influenced my interest. My research seminar class also gave me a unique experienced and my proposal was on how to test or determine the erodibility of fine-grained cohesive sediment in the James River. The main focus was about how sediments re-suspense, a natural process in aquatic ecosystem which occurs when the bottom shear stress is sufficient to disrupt the cohesion of the bottom materials. In my independent studies, I researched and wrote a paper about waste management situation in Ghana with the main focus of the numerous problems and action plans to solve these problems.

In summer 2009, l worked as an intern for non-profit firm in Richmond. I worked in the watershed Department Division. As an intern, l worked on my projects, broadening my knowledge of the field. I performed various task including habitat and shoreline restorations and also researched and helped in writing Tidings newsletter. Between 2003 and 2005, I worked as an intern with the Environmental firm (Ghana) I analyzed, identified sources, assessed the effects and recommended methods of control and prevention of various forms of pollutions. I have also investigated and reported on breaches of environmental guidelines. Again, I assisted in the compliance of applicable laws and regulations. These unique opportunities had provided me a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in biological and environmental sciences.

Similarly in my view, I feel that extracurricular activities are as important as studies in estimating a person's overall capacity. I like to play and watch soccer as well as basketball. Another exciting and learning phase of my college years was when I was an executing member of biological students association, welfare committee and student representative council electoral commission at University of ABC. I was also a member of Africa Student Union at XYZ chapter. I feel that I have evolved into a dynamic person due to my commitment to many extra-curricular activities at the highest level.

Browsing through the information brochure and the University's home page made me felt that the Graduate Studies at the prestigious Wash University holds a lot of promise for me. The breadth and depth of the courses coupled with a stimulating research environment seem to be the right mix for seminar work and pioneering research. Attaining a masters degree or even a doctorate degree at Wash University will hopefully enable me to play a central role in this revolution-always struggling to preserve our environment at the same time that we foster increasing development for the world's overall economy. I love our only planet very much and I look forward to doing something for it by working to educate developing countries as a whole concerning the importance of green initiatives and safeguards. I sincerely hope to have a mutually beneficial association with your University to contribute my best towards making a successful research endeavor. Keeping this in mind, joining your University seems to me as an excellent first step. Thanks for your consideration.

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