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Dynamic research group of UF; University of Florida/ PhD(Pharmaceutical Sciences)-SOP

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Dec 27, 2012   #1
The zeal towards science and in particular chemistry and biology has always motivated me and therefore I ended up choosing to study science after my 10th standard. The innovative and imaginative work intrigued me because I grew up in such an environment where there are couple of medical practitioner in my bosom and I used to listen to them having conversation with the pharmacist regarding the new drug in the market and how it is going to cure certain ailment. Although I was an amateur to pharmaceutical field but then I started developing interest towards paramedical field of studies. To pursue a future in paramedical science, I had appeared for the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) and scored satisfactorily to get an admission into Bachelor of Pharmacy program at West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT).

Joining Baccalaureate Degree in Pharmacy was the breakthrough towards achieving my goal. During my 1st year of study I had been introduced to the fundamental theories such as bond angles, valencies, lone pair in chemical reactions pertaining to my degree. As the course progresses, my engrossment toward pharmaceutical sciences increased and that led me to work hard to become pioneer in the pharmaceutical field.

During my 2nd year's I had been engaged studying the core subjects that include Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and the lab session taught me to perform pharmaceutical assays, titration, organic synthesis of the compound. As the degree program continues I got involved in loads of experiments from organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. Although medicinal chemistry and pharmacology came easy to me, it was pharmaceutics that captured my interest. The precision during making an emulsion, encapsulation were very challenging. Moreover, the disintegration and dissolution test for tablet, friability and hardness determination were very much exciting to me and therefore I ended up with Pharmaceutics as the choice of my subject. This is such a branch that offers endless exploration whether the optimization of the formulation process or the development of the new chemical entities, Pharmaceutical drug discoveries, Drug deliveries and Pharmaceutical analysis.

During my 3rd year, I had undergone an industrial visit at Stadmed Pvt. Ltd. There I was trained on the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) rules and regulations, maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to carry out the work repeatedly, how to carry out the through checking of instruments in the Quality Control (QC) department and documentation in the Quality Assurance (QA) department and how it will be helpful for the optimization of the manufacturing procedures. In addition, I had been introduced the operating fundamentals of UV spectrophotometer, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Fluorimetry at the quality control department. Since the industrial tour was of limited duration I had requested the chief personnel to introduce me the major steps in tablet manufacturing i.e. milling, granulation, compression, drying and packaging. Fortunately, my quest for learning industrial pharmaceutics paid off and the company agreed to provide me the training on industrial filtration and mixing techniques in the liquid manufacturing department.

As I continued my studies, my inclination and affinity towards Pharmaceutical Science increased and I developed the ability to approach the origin of the problem with the desired amalgamation of logic and reasoning and that has supported me to move forward with my goal. As always I have the inclination towards the experimental part, I learnd that practical work & experience is more important than just theoretical learning, as our profession involves extensive experimentation & research. The crest and troughs of pharmaceutical experiments, dosage forms, and formulations fascinated me and these fascinations grew into curiosity to learn extensively and to explore leaps and bounds of Pharmaceutics.

Through my baccalaureate degree course I had got the thorough understanding and in depth knowledge of the Pharmaceutical science. I made my find to step further in academia and therefore proceeded towards pursuing master degree. As a result, I worked very hard to develop good understanding and to fetch good score and that had helped me to get the admission into Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering stream at University of Leeds, UK.

The next big milestone was pursuing my master's degree at University of Leeds. During my Post Graduation, the research project being undertaken by me was on the Effect of impurity on crystallization behaviour of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) under the supervision of Prof. K.J. Roberts. The project was in association with the Pfizer, UK and the raw materials were provided by Pfizer, UK. Since the compound I was working with is an unexplored chemical identity thus I had to rediscover it in terms of its chemical behaviour. For that I had undertaken several experiments to determine its thermal behaviour and thereby solid state characterization, its solubility pattern etc. Therefore, I received full fledged training on instruments like DSC, TGA, Crystal 16, Crystalline, Electron microscope, G3 Morphologi and HPLC. Through continuous experiments I was able to develop my skills on each of those instruments. Thus my domain of pharmaceutical analysis and qualitative research governing Particle and Material engineering expanded and became stronger with the progress of my project.

As the time was very limited I had worked overtime and fulltime to complete my goal and I have succeeded to do so. And the other way round it has been a matter of benefit to my supervisors and Pfizer scientists because further much work has to be done and I have simplified their work to great extent and in turn I have acquired knowledge on different instruments, different software packages and the time management which I think the best skill on the current scenario.

Right from my Bachelor Degree I have developed expertise on Programming and Data management Skills which include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel sheets, spreadsheets, databases and solver programming etc. In addition, the master degree course gave me wide exposure to various software packages including CHEMDRAW, ORIGIN, MATLAB, AUTOCAD and PROCEDE.

Data comparison and interpretation were a part of my regular activities. I am very well conversant with strategic literature search and extraction of the most applicable and appropriate information within the specified time limit. Apart from the specified subjects of my coursework, I was extremely enthusiastic about the research part of my degree course. Hence I started the experiments on my research project from very early. Since I started early I had sufficient time to get trained in details on the laboratory Health and safety measurements. The Risk Assessment and COSHH sheets which I prepared were highly acknowledged my supervisor and he kept it for future reference as well.

Working confidently as an individual is what I have learned from my master degree. This prepared me from stepping out into the competitive world. I remember when I was asked to prepare elaborate presentations at one day's notice. It gave a wonderful feeling of achievement when after all the hard work, the presentations were appreciated by my supervisor and other officials present at that time. Not that every time my ideas or approaches were correct but at least I learned to differentiate between the correct and the incorrect directions. These helped me to take the decision for taking decisions about the progress of the experiment. Thus I had learned to work on my own without close supervision every time.

Both my Bachelor and Master Degree project was well appreciated by my supervisors. Especially the results of my MSc degree were very useful for future reference.

As I have gone through the ongoing projects in University of Florida and the members connected to the department, I have grown immense interest to be a part of the research group. Learning and implementing new ideas always propels me forward. I wish to study and deepen my knowledge on Pharmaceutical Science therefore I am determined to pursue my doctoral degree in Pharmaceutics. Moreover, my immense interest, the reputation and dynamic research group of University of Florida left me with no choice but to apply here. I eagerly await your offer of admission for the PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Science.

Could anybody help me out with my SOP.
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Dec 29, 2012   #2

The content of this SOP is ok but needs to be strengthened for admissions to UF which is well know for its Pharmacy program. Also, and more importantly, it seems that you have a poor understanding of written English. This SOP is filled with too many grammatical errors that will make it hard for anyone to read from start to finish. For example you state " I made my find to step further in academia and therefore proceeded towards pursuing master degree. As a result, I worked very hard to develop good understanding and to fetch good score and that had helped me to get the admission into Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering stream at University of Leeds, UK," although I can decipher what you want to say, the poor grammar and structure of the sentence will make many feel that you do not have a strong command of the English language-- something that will be needed to complete the program. We can help.

Hope this helps.
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Dec 29, 2012   #3
Thank you so much. I will work on it further.

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