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Environmental issues are complex and interrelated; MBA Program IMR; Motivation Letter

shahnaz 1 / -  
Apr 11, 2013   #1
To The Selection Committee

I am interested in the MBA Program IMRE for several reasons. Firstly, my interest in environmental issues arose when I took classes on environment, particularly Concepts of Modern Natural Science, Ecology, and Environmental Conservation. Our world is beset by a myriad of environmental problems such as global warming, freshwater depletion, and biodiversity loss and pollution. Everybody knows clearly that emissions into the environment are a substantial world ecology problem. The problem is especially serious in the Republic of Tajikistan due to the fact that Tajikistan must contend with a large number of major environmental challenges in areas including atmospheric air pollution and water contamination because of the radioactive waste from old Soviet - era uranium mines that remain unsecured in northen Tajikistan. About 15 uranium tailings are not treated, not confined and pose a hazard effect not only for the whole environment and population of Tajikistan but also for the nearest neighboring states. They are located near large bodies of water: Kayrakkum reservoir and transboundary river Syrdarya, which flows through the territory of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Total volume of harmful radioactive waste into atmospheric air is approximately 55 million tons and they occupy the area of about 180,0 hectares. Others large stationary sources which emissions influence harmfully on the environment of Tajikistan are Tajik aluminum plant, Isfara metallurgy plant, Dushanbe cement plant, Yavan chemical plant, Vahsh nitric-fertilizer factory, Dushanbe heat power plant, Dushanbe refrigerator plant, Dushanbe reinforcing steel factory, Gold company, Anzob and Adrasman ore-dressing plants. Cancer and genetic diseases, infertility, leukemia- this is not a complete list of diseases that population of Tajikistan is paying for the consequences of the radiocontamination. Tajikistan is not able to contend against this ecological problem due to the lack of financial funds, newly developed equipment and to a considerable degree because of shortage of skilled personnel in this field (mentioned Minister for Nature protection). IMRE engages in critical analysis of a range of environmental issues and management approaches. Therefore, at IMRE I will be able to enrich my understanding of problems related to environmental protection as well as potential solutions and apply practically in my home country. I hope this unique Study Programme will enrich my mind with relevant knowledge and skills set in order to help industries reduce their emissions and to keep track of their risks.

Secondly, environmental issues are complex and interrelated. Such complexity of issues demands working across sectors and disciplines. IMRE employs an interdisciplinary framework, which is unique among other graduate programs.

Thirdly, networking at the international level is increasing becoming necessary to tackle large-scale environmental problems. At IMRE I will develop such networks. Moreover, Technische Universitat Bergakademie Frieberg boasts a campus of diverse student and faculty body, which enhances not only the learning experience, but also the cultural exposure and understanding.

As mentioned above, during my education at university, I took classes focused on the environment. Another part constituted economics and management, including classes on Macroeconomics, Management , Marketing, Finance and Investment, World Economics and Accountancy. Therefore, I have experience with some subjects of MBA IMRE Study Programme. Particularly, I am interested in the Environmental Impact Study, Environmental Management, Aspects of International Law of Resources and Environment, and Risk Assessment and Management. These subjects are important for me because they will boost my knowledge with up-to-date, broad and specific techniques concerning management solutions for the environmental and resource problems and benefit from it in my professional career.

I firmly believe that I satisfy the admission requirements of the MBA IMRE Study Programme due to the fact that I graduated 5 years study program at the university in my homecountry and have a high interest to study this program, that I have stated above. As for the language requirements, I have completed academic English course. Also, my TOEFL scores are within the acceptable range.

I have become acquainted with the list of subjects, assignments and research works of faculty members and the University at large. I am impressed by the breadth and depth of research areas that the University has dealt with.

My expectation is to become a certified expert in environmental and resource management area, and to accomplish this through further studies and engagement with practical development experience in Tajikistan.

As for my future plans, I plan a career in my home country in the area of environmental management. In particular, I want to work with firms and industries to reduce their emissions and protect the environment. Equipped with strong analytical, communication, research, problems solving, project management skills, and an in-depth understanding of environmental policy and regulations as well as the knowledge of international best practice gained at IMRE will be instrumental in reaching my career goals.

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to consider my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

abhigeorge 6 / 20 2  
Apr 11, 2013   #2
hi shahnaz, In my opinion this is good essay. If you could break up the first paragraph into smaller ones it would increase readability.

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