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25 interesting facts describing myself - Duke MQM

sirenccc 1 / 1  
Jan 10, 2019   #1
Hello everyone! Here is 25 Random Things about Myself. In fact I wrote 26 things about myself. Looking forward to read your advice about it. Thanks in advance!

25 Random Things About Myself

Personal Hobbies:
1. I found my side passion in playing the piano since age ten and I have persisted in practicing it for 10 years. My favorite musician is Mendelssohn.

2. I found great accomplishment in debating because it involves critical thinking. As the deputy captain of the Chinese Debate Team at Sun Yat-sen University, I have participated in dozens of competitions on behalf of our university in the past three years

3. To my family's surprise, my favorite sport is playing basketball. I was a member of Women's Basketball Team at International School of Business & Finance, Sun Yat-sen University. Our team won the Third Prize in Sun Yat-sen University Women's Basketball Game during () year.

4.I love reading. My favorite book is The Old Man and the Sea because I was deeply touched by the strong will of the old man. I hope to visit Key West when I come to US for graduate school.

5. I sell-studied Ukulele. It was not difficult to pick up this new instrument with my solid musical background.

Volunteer/ Social responsibility:
6. I have been volunteering at Blue Letter Project for one year. Our mission is to prevent left-behind children from mental health issues by writing letters to then, listening to their voices and helping them solve problems.

7. Blue Letter Project has made me realize the educational gap between different social classes in China and motivate me continue volunteering for schools. I served as a volunteer teacher in remote area in Shaoguan, China in 2017.

8. I am an active advocate for our students group at Sun Yat-sen University. I realized that our large campus lacks common meeting area for students and formed a team with five other students to raise a proposal to our university to create common meeting area for students. The school adopted our proposal and a 300-square-meter discussion room has been built up, which became a place often filled with students.

9. I am a member of Happy Together, the first legal LGBT club in Chinese University. I have participated in fighting for LGBT rights through planning campaigns and creating posters.

10. My favorite movie character is Belle, the main character in The Beauty and the Beast who is smart and dare to against the traditional ideas that a girl's value is to marry a man and take care of house chores.

11. I participated Peking University Finance Case Study Competition as the leader of a team of three people. We self-studied Python on MOOC within two weeks in order to build up a xxx model for bike sharing companies OFO and Mobile.

12.I have participated machine learning training on Kaggle to predict house price in Beijing.

13. I like making friends with people from diverse culture and background. As a vice director in Macau, Taiwan, Hongkong and International Student's Apartment of Student's Union, I have made friends with over 30 students from over 10 countries.

14. I have been the president of Student Union for 3 years since junior school. I envision myself be part of student government at Duke University and advocate for students' needs.

15. I have organized Buddy program for students from Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau and foreign countries in order to help them adapt to the life in mainland China.

Other Fun Facts:
16. I have established a clothing brand named OH! SHIRT! and run it for one year with my two friends. We designed and sold (how many) T-shirts and have gained total sales revenue 4,000 dollars.

17. I successfully obtained the opportunity to work as an intern at Accenture by making a cold call with a senior at an alumni club and won her recommendation. My proactive and sensational performance in Accenture not only gained me the Internal Recommendation Qualification from department Manager but also allowed me to refer my schoolmates to them.

18. My mom suffered from colon cancer when I was in primary school. Fortunately, after 1 years struggle, she survived from the cancer. Since then, I kept encouraging people around me to have a constant workout schedule and healthy diet habit.

19. Most of my friends will use three words to describe me outside work and school: humorous, confident and considerate.
20. My passion for reading stemmed from my father, who will tell me bedtime story every night. Besides, it was him, a mathematics teacher, who always paid attention to the development of my logical thinking ability and cultivated my passion for quantitative analysis by leading me to do some logic games like sudoku.

21. I have been to over 10 areas and countries. From everywhere I travel, I collect and send postcards to my friends. So far I have sent more than 30 postcards to my friends and received more than 50 postcards from more than 10 countries in return.

22. I made an appointment with my friends to complete a list of adventures every year. Last year, despite my fright of height, I went bungee jumping at Macau Tower, which is 233 meters high. The view was breathtaking and the feeling of weightlessness was impressed although I was frozen with fear when I step on the top og the tower.

23. The only pet I ever had was a little pig. The seller promised that it was the kind of pig that won't grow bigger any more. However, it grew twice as its original size within two weeks. My mom sent it away and prohibited me from having pets from then on.

24. I enjoy the process of preparing for dumplings, a traditional Chinese delicacy, because everybody, the host and guests alike, would roll up his sleeves and wrap the pancake to cover the fillings, establishing a valuable memory of the whole family.

25. My passion for delicacies motivated me to write food reviews for over 30 restaurants. My friends always ask for my recommendation when they are choosing restaurants.

26. When I was a child, I wanted to be a gourmet. I gave it up because my parents said I ate like a bird, which was not suitable to be a gourmet.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4799  
Jan 11, 2019   #2
Siren, This is very much a ready to use listing of fun facts about yourself. There are still some sections that I believe you can change though. I am suggesting that you do not include the statement about your mother's cancer scare because the information included is not fun, nor is it about you directly. You should separate the mention of Mendelssohn from the piano playing. You should include him as a separate fun fact with additional information about why he is one of the fun people you admire. Explain why your family was surprises to learn that your fave sport is basketball by indicating what the common family sport is. The part about Key West is not important in the section you mention it in. Again, presenting it as a better developed fun fact separately would work best. Make sure you do only one fun topic at a time in each number.

You don't sell-study, you self study. Explain why learning Kaggle and its application to house pricing predictions is important. Do not indicate wanting to become part of Duke's student government. The focus of the sentence is only the fun fact that you have been a student union participant for 3 years.

Review the essay listing again. Take note of mis-grouped facts and place them in appropriate sections. Lose the sectioning of fun facts in the final presentation for a smoother presentation.
OP sirenccc 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2019   #3
Thanks a lot for your advice!
I replace the statement of my mother's cancer with this one: I like preparing birthday surprise for my friends. I have prepared a birthday video for my friend in which I invite all of her families and friends to give blessings. She was moved to tears after watching it.

Would it be better?

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