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Some interesting facts about a huge reservoir of water that was found inside the Volcano in Andes

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Nov 13, 2016   #1
Summarize article : Huge Lake Discovered 15 Kilometres Under a Volcano

There is an interesting fact about a huge reservoir of water that was found inside the Volcano in Andes, Bolivia. Besides it can be a new landscape on Earth, it can help scienticts to understand how such eruption are probable to be happened. It is also contain an important part of formation from continental crust as the water circulates in the interior. In one hand, there was an anomaly in 15 kilometres beneath the current dormant Uturuncu Volcano that had been founded by John and his friends from University of Bristol, UK. The anomaly is called as Altiplano-Puna which the magma body causes some effects, such as make the movement of seismic slow down also it can conduct electricity. Furthermore, Blundy's team try to make experiment by using varying amount of water that include pressure and temperature, such as in the real nature. Afterwards, they found a particular water that content electrical conductivity which related to the anomaly. By this experiment, they get a result as water is one of the volatile compounds that dissolve with magma in low pressure to cause volcanic eruptions.
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Nov 13, 2016   #2
Andika, the essay seems to be better developed than your other attempt today. I wish that you had added the url for the original article so that I could have double checked your information against the original source. The sentence development is inconsistent but does not detract from the information that you are trying to deliver. It contains enough information to educate the viewer regarding the long form of the article. You have managed to deliver a clear idea as to the important information from the original, as far as I can tell. I cannot find out if you have omitted any important information by mistake because I cannot read the original article. So far though, I would have to say that you did an acceptable job on this essay. It shows that your English comprehension abilities are good enough to help you understand the English articles you will be reading in the future.

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