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Masters in Information systems following a career shift from civil to IT

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Oct 28, 2016   #1
After a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and about one year of work experience in IT industry, I would like to explore the field of Management and Information Systems. I'm very much confident that with the help of knowledge and experience that I gain through this graduation course, I can definitely achieve my goal of becoming a successful Business Analyst.

Since I was a kid, I'm very much interested in Maths and Physics. I always took up the classes enthusiastically and fostered my learning with the practical applications, which helped me in clearing the Xth class state examinations by scoring an average of 95% in those subjects. This has propelled me in taking up Maths, Physics and Science as my mainstream subjects in Intermediate and it further strengthened my concepts in those subjects. I stood in the top 5 students of my college by scoring 96% in the final examinations. With my passion towards innovation and design, I choose Engineering over other arts and science degrees. After scoring 96 percentile in EAMCET( Engineering entrance Examination), I could secure a seat at VNR VJIET, which is one of the top five Engineering Institutes in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Having been grown up in a family where most of my uncle's and other relatives were already successful in construction field, I was naturally inclined towards Civil. Added to that, as the subject mostly deals with physics and mathematical laws, it further pushed me to choose Civil Engineering. Though I enjoyed learning those subjects, I couldn't really find the motivation to take a career in that field. During my freshman year, subjects on C, C++ and Data structures have captivated my interest. I was surprised at the beginning to see what it takes to display a normal number on the screen and then it further intrigued me to learn more on this subject. Developing a program was my favorite task as it challenges my logical brain to find the solution and this is the reason I enjoyed programming.

With my growing interest, I started learning different technologies such as SQL, Java and HTML. During my Junior year, I had assisted my professor in a project on 'Time dependent Analysis of slope stability using FEM' which involved C programming to calculate the stiffness of the matrices. This project has further strengthened my hold on Programming. I always had that tenacity to learn different things. During my course of four years, I had attended various workshops and seminars related to computer science, which also had its applications in civil engineering, and it helped me in connecting to wider range of subjects.

During my summer junior year, I had taken up an internship on Project Management at Ksheerabd Constructions private limited. It was on widening a 4-lane road to a 6-lane one. I had assisted the Project Manager, in planning and coordinating the activities and also ensuring that they are going according to the plan. During this project, I had developed my expertise on 'PrimaVera' tool which helps in managing the time and resources of the project and also keeps a track on it. This internship has aided me in understanding a project at the management level besides the technical aspects that were taught at our college.

Later in the final year of my under graduation, I decided to build my career in IT and started applying for companies. In my first attempt, I got placed at Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), the largest IT service provider in India. TCS training program has been a wonderful learning experience, where I got trained in 'Business Intelligence'. Three months of training on Data warehouses, RDBMS, SQL/PLSQL has ignited my desire for Data Analytics. After completion of it, I had been selected for the role of Transition Manager. Transition Management has helped me in acquiring knowledge on various technologies of my account. It has broadened my horizon of knowledge in the IT sector and has bolstered my confidence while dealing with people and also enhanced my communication and managerial skills. With my interest in programming supplemented with some good experience in Management, I'm zeroed down to choose Management In Information Systems as my major.

I would describe myself as a motivated and adapting student who can work well in groups. Being the class representative and also the Team leader of our undergraduate project in civil engineering, I must say I am comfortable managing people and resources. Beyond the academics, I had organized various events at our college. I actively took up sports especially basketball. I was my departmental basketball captain at our college and at present, I'm a player of TCS Basketball Team. I took up responsibility in giving back to the society- in fact it is a joy. I had started an NGO named 'Dream Team Works' to help poor children at government schools. With the help of my friends I could successfully collect and recycle 1500 books which I take it as an achievement. We had distributed those books at government schools and I'm further looking forward to expand our organization and reach many more students.

My goal is very clear: I want to become a Business Analyst and serve my country with my knowledge and skills. India is a land of opportunities especially in the field of Information Systems in the coming years and I want to be fully prepared to meet the challenges. I hold a strong belief that interactions with your theoretical & practical expertise of the faculty, excellent infrastructural and research facilities and the ambiance in the University would bolster me in the accomplishment of my goal and add up to my prospect.

Looking forward to have a long and mutually profitable association with '-----------'
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Oct 29, 2016   #2
Aditya, I am confused as to the actual focus of your essay. What exactly are you trying to write? Is it a personal statement? Statement of purpose? Job application letter? The reason for my confusion is that your introduction and body of your letter sounds like a personal statement. Then your closing paragraph sounds like you are applying for a job. Which is it? What direction and what objective does this essay really need to represent? Is there any chance that you can provide us with the complete prompt instructions so a better assessment can be developed?

Once I know what the essay must represent, I will have a clearer direction as to the editing of your essay. In general terms, the one thing that I noticed is that you placed some non-essential information in it such as your hobbies, childhood interests, and self-description. Most of these essays seem to belong to other essay prompts that you will be writing alongside a personal statement. That is unless you are required by the prompt to inform the reader about these things in the essay. I can't really tell at the moment.
OP aditya04 1 / 1  
Oct 29, 2016   #3
Hi @ Holt, this is an personal statement. Im applying for a MS in MIS and this is the actual thing asked at the university website "Submit a personal statement, including your reasons for pursuing the MS degree and your career aspirations."

Can you please highlight those sentences which you felt as non essential? Even i want to cut this essay to a shorter one, but i dont know how to do it, Please help me in this.

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