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Motivation Statement for a Master Degree in International Development Studies, Norway

Umarumilla 1 / 1  
Oct 28, 2018   #1

bringing solutions from Norway to Sierra Leone

I write to apply for the Master of Science degree in International Development Studies starting in September 2019 at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I am strongly convinced that the degree from one of the most reputable and elitist universities is a significant step to enriching my capacity academically, improve on my career possibilities and contribute to providing sustainable solutions to the socio-economic problems in my country, Sierra Leone.

My innate desire to pursue international development stem from the opportunity I had to volunteer with ACF as surveillance monitor in 2014, when Sierra Leone was struck by the Ebola epidemic. This experience shaped my perception about global development and steered me to conduct research on the Impact of Micro-financing Institution on Poverty Alleviation in Sierra Leone during my final year of undergraduate studies at the Institute of Public Administration and Management, University of Sierra Leone. The chief object of the research was to assess the role of micro-financing institution towards poverty reduction. This study gave me complete insight into some of the challenges associated with small and micro loans given by micro-financing institutions and also helped to guide me through my Community Initiative Program to start up a Village Savings and Loan Scheme in seven different deprived communities in Sierra Leone benefiting more than 300 rural farmers

Sierra Leone, like any other least developed nation is epitomized by poverty, gender inequality, corruption, which has put at risk its development. The program courses: Development Theory and Policy, Gender and Development, Human right and Development, Global Food Security, are everyday challenges prevalent in Sierra Leone and it requires practitioners with critical understanding of the condition of development at both local and global level to address these issues. The program's multidisciplinary perspectives combining research- based pedagogy and real world study and practice to understand what development means, and how it is practice in complex and changing global context will equipped me with the needed skills to continuing being a catalyst and facilitator for change in both local and global context.

Working with the Cotton Tree Foundation, a Local NGO, also helped to expand my understanding of global development. As an enthusiast, passionate, committed and goal oriented person, I have been able to understand key development challenges ranging from Economic, Social, and Environment. Due to my resilient and outright commitment I climb to the height of sponsorship coordinator within six month of volunteering. Through continuous efforts, I transformed the sponsorship program of the organization, restored donor's confidence, and also helped to transform the Ebola widow and survival project to affected Ebola orphans project which was a sustainable way to help children who lost their parents during the eventual outbreak.

I have also been highly involved in Women empowerment so I founded the Young Women Empowerment Network in 2015, a social club which seek to advocate, promote, inspire, and strive for women's' participation in politics especially young adults. The network provides a safe space for girls to discuss issues affecting them.

Alongside my professional career, I am also interested in working with people from diverse background, reading, hiking, undertaking adventures, and volunteerism. Over the past two years I have volunteered with World Servants Netherland to build schools in poor communities. During these periods, I served as the cultural and children's program coordinator.

I know that Norway is a modern society with profound value for equality. The amazing outdoor adventures and nature makes it a friendly environment to study. Furthermore, Norway's technological standards and services for students, and innovative method of teaching makes it the ideal destination for my choice of study. I have a strong conviction that Norwegian University of Life Sciences meets my ambition and interest because of its strong interdisciplinary and international approach to research, scholarly resources, high academic cooperation agreement with universities abroad, and friendliness to accommodate international students. Also, the opportunity to meet people from different spheres of life is essential for my personal development .I strongly believed that cultural exchange is a fundamental part of learning. My proven record of leadership skills, ability to maintain positive attitudes and work ethics, and the quest to challenge ideas will contribute significantly to the learning atmosphere.

On completion of my Master's degree, I hope to continue to work with Non-governmental Organizations in Sierra Leone where there is an enormous demand for development experts in order to contribute to the technical spares of development programs in my country. I am unreservedly convince that practical experiences gained in this field, if backed with a degree in International Development Studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences will be essential to my professional career and will give me a formal qualification in the field of developments which will satisfy the criteria for my career ambition and will enable me to make a meaningful impact to humanity.
nvijai 1 / 2 1  
Oct 28, 2018   #2
Hello! I really like this essay. You truly describe your motivation, your hopes, and your experiences that culminate in why you want to attend this college.

However, is there a word limit? You can probably trim it down, which can actually improve your essay.
OP Umarumilla 1 / 1  
Oct 28, 2018   #3
Thanks for expressing your like for the essay. There is no word limit to the essay, just that I tried to keep within two pages which is conventionally approved. The reason for writing this much is that the program application does not require CV which could have supplemented the essay

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