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nursing graduation admission - professional goals essay

Feb 7, 2009   #1
I have to write essay about professional goals for my nursing graduation admission can you help me outlining it do I need to write more than one goals ?

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Feb 7, 2009   #2
What is the prompt? That is what is important. Also, I'm sure you probably have more than one goal.

How about this:

1. Capture their interest with something interesting and unexpected in the first sentence, and tell them your own professional philosophy in a single sentence at the end of that paragraph. With that important sentence, you convey the meaning of the whole essay.

Write about people and experiences that inspired you.

Write about your accomplishments.

Write about how their school's particular, unique resources and professors will empower you (research the school online).

Conclude with some personal reflction, and give them a reason to care. Make them feel respected, and also make them respect your seriousness as a student.
Feb 8, 2009   #3
Also, what word count do have to work with? If the essay has to be very short, then you probably just want to outline your expected career path. If the essay is meant to be quite long, then you'll probably have delve more into how you expect your education to prepare you for that career.
Feb 8, 2009   #5
In that case, go into as much detail as you can about what your professional goals are, and how you expect your degree to help you attain those goals.
Mar 13, 2009   #6
Can you look at this and give me suggestions Thanks

After Graduating in 1998 with my bachelors in nursing I had numerous clinical and personal experiences with challenges that facilitated my competency as nurse and increase my passion to continue as nurse. Now I think it's time to take my career to a new level that increases my expertise in a field that will provide leadership in a wide range.

My first introduction to Public health was during my undergraduate studies. India is a developing country ,the need of public health works is in higher level .Public health nurses always persuade my passion in this field. I did a research paper on Nurses impact on public regarding their health and volunteered in AIDS/HIV awareness programmes.I didn't had a chance to explore in public health nursing during my US migration. So I researched the opportunities available with public health and it has only increased my interest in my chosen career

My Primary Goal is to increase accebility to health care in disease management and prevention. In Public health nursing I will be able to play in various roles as an educator, consultant, researcher, advocate and resource to the public regarding their health care concerns.

The autonomy and challenges of providing highly complex care in homecare setting is crutial.Today's health care system there is an increase need of home care, hospital stays are short, and patients need complex nursing care, therapies, ongoing education, and rehabilitation after discharge. My experiences in medical, surgical, cardiac and mental hospitals will be crucial and helpful throughout my further education and career.

Research is my area of interest it plays an important role in nursing educate the public prevention, healthy life style, health maintence and independence especially with cultural diverse and special age populations.

My endeavor to achieve success in higher education and career I need the structure and carefully designed curriculum that provide personalize program of study to meet individual career goals that University of Hartford offering .I am ready to further my commitment in specializing and advancing nursing and the rigorous study required for that. So I can be a part of many clinical nurses in public health department that shield and care the public from diseases and making changes in our health care system.

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