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'partnerships and small business aspects of taxation' -masters in accounting/taxation

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Feb 24, 2012   #1
Hi I am applying to USC's MBT program I was seeing what work my personal statement needed. both in grammar and content Thanks!!!

"What is your motivation to study for a MAcc/MBT degree at USC? Describe how you believe a MAcc/MBT degree fits with your future career objectives. (Do not exceed two double-spaced pages). "

My purpose for applying for a Masters in Taxation is to obtain a solid understanding in the area of study that I am most passionate about, partnerships and small business aspects of taxation. Particularly, I am fondly interested in getting a firm understanding of the most advanced tax planning for small businesses and partnerships, to further aid a level of business that I believe needs the most advise and aid for their businesses with regard to tax planning and consulting.

My passion for taxes comes from a very unordinary place, the banking industry. While working with Wells Fargo, I worked at two different branch locations first a high cliental upper class location and then a low income area. While working at the low income area I dealt with a lot of small business owners who trust their business professionals in giving them the best advice in aiding in their business success.

One of my clients, who I had been working with for over a year comes to me and asks me for the last three years of his bank statements for his business. Being a little unordinary request, from him I asked him "why he had needed the statements?" I still remember the look on his face when he told me he was getting audited by the IRS. Then he had told me that this had come as a shock to him because he had used a bookkeeper to handle all of his business finances.

After some time had passed, and his audit was over my customer told me what had happened. The bookkeeper that he had entrusted in the finances of his business was deprecating business equipment and claiming expenses on things that did not exist in order to lower his tax rate and then charging him a fee on what he saved on his taxes. After this I started to become very interested in how something like this could happen so I decided to take a class on income taxes just to see how something like this could happen. After taking the class my fascination for taxes had begun.

Working for a small tax company and seeing the day to day problems that small business owners are having when it come to their tax problems has only opened my eyes to the amount of help business need in dealing with their taxes, and has started to build the foundation of my tax knowledge. The company that I have been working for has helped me grow tremendously when it comes to tax theory and dealing with business tax, but I believe that there is so much that can be learned working for a small company.

My immediate goal after finishing my masters is to work for a company that focuses on business taxation consulting to gain greater firsthand experience working in the industry, and seeing how larger company address their clients' needs. My long term goal is to own an accounting company that focuses on the daily problems that small business owners have and being able to give them the best advice to manage their business and help them grow their company.

I believe that a Masters in Taxation from USC's Marshalls School of Business will give me the tools that are needed to succeed in this profession. Selecting a graduate school is not an easy task; there are certain aspects to look at while considering a school. After comparing some accounting and taxation programs, I found that a MBT at USC's Marshalls School of Business meets my academic and professional goals. Some other key factors that I considered were: its prestige, it is recognized as one of the top private universities in the United States in both academics and in having the strongest alumni networks in the county through the Trojan network. Lastly, the program's structure and courses that are offered fully meet my academic and professional objectives.

I am certain that a Masters in Taxation provided by USC will provide a great deal of advantages besides helping me to achieve my academic and professional objectives. It will give me the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds, exposure new learning environments, and cultures, and to obtain a solid structure of taxation. I am certain that the wide knowledge that the Masters in Taxation provides, will give me with the necessary tools to succeed in my career.

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