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A PhD in translational medicine - scholarship essay to the University of Helsinki

Richu96 1 / -  
Mar 13, 2023   #1

Scholarship essay to the University of Helsinki

How will your studies at the University of Helsinki contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your chosen field of study? Is the University of Helsinki your first choice? If so, please explain why. How would the scholarship improve your commitment and contribution to the degree program? (3000 characters

I aim to attain a PhD in translational medicine and later transfer my innovations from bench to bedside to benefit the healthcare sector. This is bound to come into actuality following the study at Helsinki as I would gain a robust foundation for an advanced career in Translational research relevant to Antimicrobial Resistance and metabolic disorders. Studying TRANSMED will introduce me to advanced laboratory and clinical practices for research and allow me to get to terms with them regularly. I can delve deep into the concepts of Pharmacology and Toxicology and the biological concepts of targeted therapies and pharmacogenomics of cancer. Furthermore, Next-Generation Sequencing and Single-Cell Technologies in Biomedicine can also be explored through my study track at Helsinki.

The scarce resources and funding for undertaking research in India have led me to probe for an international opportunity to undertake my master's. The research at the University of Helsinki in Translational Medicine that is patient-focused and well-aligned with my research background and future interests drew my attention to the University of Helsinki at first glance through their prospects, making it my first choice. A research-oriented curriculum with a flexible study track that can be tailored to my interests and the university's close collaboration with top-notch institutions would make my master's here the most productive. Moreover, I can be a part of a research group under stellar researchers and learn new things daily in a challenging learning environment around intelligent peers. Furthermore, the collaborative skills I gained during my work in India, Netherlands and Hungary can be put to the best use at the university for liaising with international peers to develop innovative research discoveries. I am also eager to be a part of IMPACTUS and attend and organize various events and extracurricular activities.

My tenure at the university will have an expedient impact with the grant of a scholarship. I have received various scholarships in my endeavours thus far.

Research Fellowship 2018. All these were in recognition of my credibility and aided me immensely in undertaking my research. Also, managing my expenses would require me to work part-time, leading to the division of my time and energy devoted to my studies. Being granted a scholarship will allow me to emphasize my focus on my studies and research without worrying about a financial crunch. Hailing from a culturally-diverse country such as India, the scholarship will allow me to bring interesting perspectives to be pooled among my peers with a stress-free mind and contribute to the university's vibrant diversity. Therefore, the scholarship will catalyze my stride toward serving humanity through sustainable and environment-friendly solutions.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,918 4798  
Mar 14, 2023   #2
The essay needs to accomplish 2 things:
1. Be clearer in reference to how studying in Helsinki will benefit the informational transfer of knowledge in your country.
2. Remove the part about the scholarship since that is irrelevant to the discussion at this point. Its inclusion may end up as the reason for rejecting your application.

You have not fully explained why Helsinki was your first choice. I know that it is somewhere in that response, but you are not fully explaining yourself. I found myself confused while reading your essay at certain points. That means the essay tends to miss out on explanatory points. The best thing to do will be for you to write a new version that focuses more on clearly explaining the prompt requirements in relation to your application. Do not include irrelevant topics such as the scholarship. While this is for a scholarship grant, the prompt is not related to your reasons for applying to the scholarship.

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