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IN PURSUIT OF ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE - opportunity to obtain a scholarship for MS program

venkat50 1 / -  
Nov 6, 2012   #1
A positive dream becomes an action when followed with determination it becomes a vision of one's ambition.

This was the lesson I learnt from my grandfather who believes in lifelong learning and would never give up any matter immaterial of how difficult the barriers may be. According to him success is a moving target which is the mission of my life and I desire to achieve it in perfection. In a few months from now I will be completing my B.TECH Chemical engineering from the prestigious Anna University Chennai, India. I am now in the stage of building my carrier plan. I am sure that this decision will have influence on my life. I have to progress along the path which I had been planning for the last two years.

As the core subjects in Chemical engineering made me to understand the fundamentals of the discipline, the subject Environmental Science and engineering motivated me to go into the in depth knowledge of the subject. So I am contemplating to acquire this knowledge by undergoing your valuable curriculum which has water resource management and urban water management. I am sure that this master's curriculum alone will provide me with conceptual and analytical knowledge.

The subject Environmental Science and engineering which I had studied in my II year of my under graduation deals with the following areas namely ecology, solid waste management, water resource management, waste water treatment, and air pollution control. My distinct interest in waste water treatment drove me to think in a different manner and helped me to employ low cost adsorbents like tea fungal biomass, papaya wood, dry sunflower leaves for the removal of copper from industrial waste water. In view of the stated matter above I presented a paper titled "Comparative studies on Biosorption of Cu(II) using low cost adsorbents" in a national conference " S-CHEMCON 2012" held in Bits-Pilani, Rajasthan, India under the able-guidance of my Prof. Dr. Dharmendira Kumar.

Besides this during the period of June 4th - July 19th (2012) I had undergone an international internship at Kyung Hee University, South Korea under the learned guidance of Prof. Dr. Changkyoo yoo in Environmental Management systems engineering lab. The highlight of this internship was the Mathematical modelling of reverse osmosis using MATLAB software. Under this area I worked on the characterization of two membranes namely SW30-HR380 and BW30LE-440. Although their modelling had been done by several authors previously, my role was to model them using MATLAB. I employed several values to fully define the membrane operation. They were permeate flux, maximum feed flux, maximum applied Trans membrane pressure (TMP), active surface area, maximum recovery rate and minimum concentrate flux. I solved this model using Taylor series algorithm. Inside the pressure vessel each membrane was characterized by its individual recovery rate, permeate flux and rejection rate which allowed me to verify the PV feasibility. In the end I found that BW30LE-440 membrane was best suited for the 2 stage operation as the 2nd stage is favoured by the remaining pressure of the 1st concentrate, thus allowing to increase the recovery rate (graphically obtained results based on plot between recovery rate % and TMP). Apart from this I wrote a review article on Molecular dynamics simulation titled "Molecular Dynamics Simulation: Concept, Interdisciplinary Design and Applications" and it has been communicated to the KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. I also conducted English communication skill enhancement classes for Master's and Ph.D students in the lab for which I received a commendable response.

My thirst for knowledge did not stop with my intern as it proved to be an addition of fuel to fire. With the help of my Prof. Dr. Dharmendira Kumar I co-authored two papers titled "Preparation and Characterization of Chemically Modified Silk Cotton Hull Activated Carbon and its effects on Cadmium removals from aqueous solution" - ACCEPTED IN BIOREMEDIATION JOURNAL and "Comparison of the Surface Features of the Three Chemically Modified Silk Cotton Hull Activated Carbon "- ACCEPTED IN THE ORIENTAL JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY. Under this research work my role was to study the effect of pH on sorption efficiency. I constructed species diagram which showed that Cd(II) ions predominate at a pH below 7 and it begins to precipitate out as Cd(OH)2 at pH values above 9. I found that the highest removal rate was at a pH value of 7. Thus I concluded that by increasing the pH, the surface change of the biosorbent changes from positive to negative and cause an increase in the biosorption efficiency of the positively charged Cd2+ ions via electrostatic attraction.

I am the only student in my discipline whose papers have been accepted for publication in International journals this year (2012). My goal or professional ambition is to pursue a career as a researcher or as teaching faculty in a reputed academic forum or to be an instrument of R&D in large urban drainage organizations, effluent treatment plants.

The striking factors which made me to choose your university for pursuing Postgraduate course are the emphasis of study is intensive and independent. It is an ideal way of making a student capable of reaching the frontiers of knowledge in a subfield quickly and keeping abreast of the latest developments. Secondly the stimulating academic environment and interaction with the distinguished faculty at your university will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as an individual researcher.

I am of strong conviction that challenges are to be met by creativity and thereby talent is nurtured. This aspiration could be realised if I have an opportunity to induct myself as a taught in MS environmental engineering at your knowledgeable university. In the event of a favourable consideration for pursuing my higher education in your university, I assure you of my diligent and sincere effort.

please give me your feedback. so that it would be helpful for improving my essay further. thank you.

Leah_Writer - / 46 4  
Nov 6, 2012   #2
First of all, I would recommend re-reading for grammatical issues! One that I see is that you've used the word "carrier" rather than "career." I also think your conclusion needs some additional work. You say you have a strong conviction that challenges are to be met by creativity, and it is thus that talent is nurtured, but I don't know what you mean when you say "this aspiration could be realized..." in the next sentence. Which aspiration you mean is unclear from the preceding sentence. There are a few issues of flow, like this, in various places, but I think it is most important to work on your conclusion, to leave your reader with a positive lasting impression both of you and of your writing skills. Good luck!

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