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(research in the field of composite materials) This is my SOP.

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Dec 31, 2010   #1
SOP letter of Reza Taherzadeh Mousavian
I would like to do research in the field of composite materials. I'm interested in both ceramic-based and metallic-based composites. I wish to be in a professional research group and pursue a Ph.D. degree in the course of Materials Science and Engineering at the xxx University.

After getting my diploma from Razi high school (Boarding school for gifted students) in Shiraz, I was accepted at Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz (one of the big universities in Iran) in Sep 2003. I did my B.Sc project in a good research group to investigate the corrosion failure of a shell and tube heat exchanger, under the supervision of A/P Dr. K. Ranjbar. Then I started my master's studies, with Materials Selection major, at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (one of the best Iranian universities in the field of Materials Science for its facilities and academic staffs) in Sep 2008. During this period, one of my friends at Shiraz University, which majored in Aerospace Engineering, asked me to help him in his project about simple modeling of turbulence in rockets with solid fuel. He needed to know something regarding high temperature materials. This was my first investigation about composite materials. I started to read a book (Rocket Propulsion Elements) to be familiar with high temperature ceramics (especially Borides). After this simple research, I decided to make CMC materials using mechanical alloying process for my M.Sc thesis. I talked with Professor M. H. Shariat (professor of thermodynamic in Shiraz University) to be my advisor in my thesis. He suggested me to make these materials by using combustion synthesis instead of mechanical alloying. He believes that mechanical alloying is not a highly usable technique. I started my preliminary research at International Center for Science, High Technology, & Environmental Sciences in Mahan (a small city near Kerman) to be familiar with basics of combustion synthesis. I used Al and TiO2 as starting materials to fabricate AlTi-Al2O3, Al3Ti-Al2O3, and AlTi3-Al2O3 composite materials. I found that without a pre-milling process of starting powders, no combustion synthesis occurred in both microwave and furnace. I aimed to increase the toughness and oxidation resistance of borides (TiB2 or ZrB2) by adding alumina to such materials. In-Situ technique was my purpose. Anyway, I selected A/P Dr. S. Sharafi as my first supervisor and Prof. M. H. Shariat as my second supervisor. I started my M.Sc thesis entitled" Combustion synthesis of TiB2-Al2O3 ceramic composite" in July 2009. I used Al, TiO2, and H3BO3 as starting materials. I used boric acid instead of boron oxide as boron source. During my M.Sc thesis, I was completely independent. I myself select starting materials and experimental procedures. I myself analyzed experimental results. I myself start to write all the papers. I myself be the corresponding author for all the papers. However, in some cases I used my supervisors' ideas. They trusted me. They knew that I could solve possible problems. They revised my papers for their English and some other parts like discussions. I do appreciate them. Besides my M.Sc thesis, I became interested in vortex casting and fabrication of lightweight high-strength aluminum based composites. I did use my Al2O3-TiB2 ceramic powders as reinforcement for pure and aluminum alloys. During this research, I found that incorporation of ceramic particles into aluminum melt is not an easy task. In addition, I had an offer regarding fabrication of nano-asphalt, a research project at the civil engineering department in my University. They needed a materials engineer for their purpose. We used waste glass instead of SBS and SBR polymers. By using high-energy ball-milling, we made nano-size glass powders.

I believe that having interest in research works is very important. I have two major interests: Investigations about high temperature materials like ceramic-based or carbon composites, and research about lightweight composites (foams or bulk aluminum-based, Ti-based, or Mg-based materials). I like to have enough assessments in these regards.

For this purpose, I need to find a potential supervisor with common interests, in a good research group. In such cases, there should be a team under the supervision of a master supervisor.
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Jan 4, 2011   #2
After getting my diploma from Razi high school (Boarding school for gifted students) in Shiraz, I was accepted at xxx (one of the biggest universities in Iran) in Sep 2003

^I personally do not believe the need to laud the fact that you went to a boarding school for ''gifted'' children or that you went to one of the ''biggest'' universities in Iran. One of the biggest literally means nothing, because it is not THE biggest, so I personally believe it is quite useless to even bring that point up.

After doing research for my thesis, I found that I major in a very interesting field of engineering. I did my best for B.Sc thesis. I was the only student in that department, who could publish a strong paper from B.Sc thesis in a scientific journal (Engineering Failure Analysis).

I stopped reading here. Hopefully others shall be able to help you.
Whilst the first sentence does have an obvious grammar error, ''very interesting'' could either be omitted or elaborated on.

What makes you think that you were the only student who could publish a ''strong'' paper?

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