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SOP: changing major from Architecture to Computer Science

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Jul 21, 2013   #1
Hi everybody,
This is my state of purpose ( in 796 words! is it ok?! ) for graduate application in computer science. Please consider I'm changing my field from Architecture to CS. I really appreciate your comments :)

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Since its inception several years ago accessing the internet in my country faced many difficulties which is still an ongoing matter needed to resolved. It was in this condition that I became familiar with the internet during my childhood. I could never forget the moment when I upload a simple web page with a very basic knowledge of HTML and showed it intensively to my parents.

I have always been equally passionate about art and technology. I was really good at Math in school and because of that I achieved a distinguished grade in the Iranian University Entrance Exam and had the chance to study Architecture for four years in the most illustrious university in Iran, but I never gave up on computer. As I grew older, I continued these parallel paths, working on design projects in university and study computer on my own like learning C++ and PHP.

I never regret my decision to study Architecture, because it was a perfect way to exert your own creativity through projects and because of my previous knowledge about programming and its complementation to my project, becoming a successful student compared to others came pretty easily to me.

Maybe a lot of people think that Computer Science and Architecture are two different irrelevant fields of study, but they would be dazzled if they knew how these two different categories are linked together.

A couple of years ago buildings were built without any help from computer technology, but this process is not even imaginable in today's world. There are lots of new subjects in construction like parametric designing, computer based simulation especially modeling energy and water use and building information modeling which I'm really fascinated by and it is one of the reasons I want to peruse Computer Science.

When I entered university, I chose a different approach from my classmates to do my design projects. I had a broad computer skill and used it in my design process. I never forget when in the first semester I showed my 3Ds Studio Max lead design to my professor, and he could not figure out how I managed something like that so early in my studentship.

After a while I became more attracted to computers and started to learn programming with Python and with its help I wrote some parametric related plug-ins which is a new subject to this field, for a famous design program, Rhinoceros. Carrying out my projects with this approach, I was chosen to participate in an international competition about future design, which was held by LG.

Modern architecture was introduced in Iran about 60 years ago, although lots of tasks in this profession are still done by traditional methods. I always try to be up to date and I believe that it is my point of strength compared to many other construction students. I became a member of the National Elites Foundation for my top GPA, for my bachelor degree. After that I embarked on Project Management, for my master degree which brought me closer to putting my computer knowledge to use in a specific field.

In my graduate career, I worked on web applications and their relation to new construction generation. I chose Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a suitable, promising way to work with for my thesis. The concept was a simple web application to estimate Time and Cost of a construction project based on defined parameters by the user. I did it with PHP language which is my favorite and using MySQL as its database. Currently I'm improving my programming skill to work with java to write its application in android for android gadgets.

I try not to think about the past like what if I studied Computer Science 6 years ago, instead of Architecture. I always believe that it's never too late to mend. Being considered as a Computer scientist was my dream for many years, but I was not courageous enough to seriously think about it. Today, I am more competent and determined, and of course enthusiastic to reach my goal.

I would like to emend my previous knowledge about Computer by an academic opportunity and become known to my strengths and weaknesses.
In the United States, there were lots of tasks which have been replaced by new methods, coincident to modern technology. If I want to have a role in my country's future construction area, which is still performs traditionally, I should learn the procedure from a place where has put these issues behind it. I believe the international education would be a precious opportunity for my future career. I know that I should expect the challenges of this new world, and I want to thank you for the consideration of my application.

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Jul 21, 2013   #2
A lot of this doesn't connect at all to your "purpose." For example, take a look at this paragraph:

It has nothing to do with you at all let alone your purpose.

in 796 words! is it ok?!

What's the length requirement?

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