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SOP for Parsons School of Design, M.P.S in Communication Design

jonamon 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2023   #1
Prompt: Please outline your reasons for applying to this program. (500-750-word limit)

Statement of Purpose:

My experience growing up in an immigrant household and being a software engineer has shaped my love for user experience design over the years. Great design is visually appealing and a powerful tool that can shape how users interact with the world. I aim to utilize Parsons's vast resources to gain expertise in digital product design, specifically accessibility and inclusive design. Having experienced first-hand how difficult it is for elderly immigrant users to operate mobile devices, I want to mitigate the frustrations they face in their everyday lives. Building accessible and inclusive digital products will increase the number of users and be an ethical design practice that will contribute to the public good and future-proof our products.

Before becoming a product designer, I was a software engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. within the consumer banking division. My work included updating features in JavaScript and React, which required us to work alongside our design team frequently. Our two teams would ensure the features had the same appearance and functionality as the current implementation, which sparked a newfound curiosity that would lead me into my next career. After JPMorgan Chase & Co., I enrolled in a UX/UI Design program with DesignLab to kick-start my user experience journey and graduated in July 2023, reaffirming my passion for UX/UI design. This unique background has given me an engineer's perspective on design, mainly focusing on technical feasibility and accurately estimating deliverables, which will be valuable to the program.

During DesignLab's curriculum, I have been able to design digital products and features in the finance, education, travel, and pet care space. These projects have taught me valuable skills such as color theory, content hierarchy, and the importance of reusable components. Currently, I am working with a non-profit organization called Resolve Parkinson's, redesigning their website to raise awareness of Parkinson's non-motor symptoms, which can lead to earlier diagnoses and save more lives. In this project, I have collaborated directly with the founders to develop a brand identity, website goals, and optimal content layout.

Even with my current user experience knowledge, I'm eager to dive deeper into digital product design with Parsons. I look forward to learning and strengthening my foundation in UX/UI with courses such as Designing for Usability and Playful Prototypes. These courses will help reinforce my prototyping skills and understanding of mobile and web interfaces. My engineering background, experience in the digital product space, and eagerness to learn from world-class professors in a more intimate setting align with Parsons's mission, vision, and educational approach. With this program, I intend to use Parsons's resources to build digital products that positively impact people's lives, specifically within the financial technology sector. I am also extremely excited about the opportunity to learn from Professor Clara Bunker and participate in student life on campus. Having worked directly with product designers at large financial institutions, Professor Bunker's experiences at American Express and Capital One would be instrumental in teaching me about their design practices and workflow. After her classes, I intend to join and contribute to clubs such as the Digital Design Collective, Design and Business Innovation Society, and Narwhal Pickleball Club!

After graduating from Parsons, I plan on becoming a product designer within the financial technology sector. I genuinely believe in helping companies empower everyday people to take control of their finances, and I strive to design features and products aligned with that mission. Ultimately, my overarching goal is to design a mobile-first investment app that transcends generational barriers and is accessible to the elderly and non-native English speakers. Current investment applications are incredibly complex and don't feature simple interfaces or straightforward onboarding processes, making them inaccessible to digitally inexperienced users. To achieve this goal, I will need Parsons' support in teaching me the necessary skills in web accessibility and inclusion.

In conclusion, my business degree, background in programming, and experience in UX/UI design complement this program exceptionally well, which will utilize my current knowledge and teach me the specialized skills necessary to be a successful product designer in today's technology-driven world. Parson's reputation, outstanding professors, intimate class size, and focus on digital product design have led me to apply to the M.P.S. in Communication Design.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,976 4812  
Dec 10, 2023   #2
The reviewer is not interested in your immigrant background. He could care less about that as the focus of the purpose should be career driven. This is not the kind of essay that should carry any personal background references. Kindly delete that part to keep your paper focused in the correct theme. Restate the paragraph to focus on the elderly in general, their status of citizenship is irrelevant to the discussion.

Paragraph 4 needs work. That information is more personal statement based. It does not provide any evidence of work application in the discussion
since you are using quite vague references to the course curriculum and professors as well. You just used existing information from the website, without a real understanding as to how current career expectations will be moved forward by these studies. Clubs that you wish to join after classes do not form any part of your study and career purpose.

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