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Statement of Purpose - MPS Communication Design - Parsons School of Design

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Dec 28, 2017   #1
Please outline your reasons for applying to this program. In what ways will you contribute to the subject matter of the program? You should include a thoughtful description of your background, tentative plan of study or area of inquiry in the field as you now envision it, your professional goals, and how this graduate program will help you realize those goals. If you have not been enrolled as a student in the past five years, please address anticipated opportunities and challenges in pursuing the degree, and future career expectations upon completion of the program. (500-750-word limit)

Statement of Purpose

an alien in transformational mode

I am applying to Communication Design because I would like to acquire advanced design competencies and practical experiences in digital product design to prepare myself for future career, a brand designer. As a student majored in business administration, I possess marketing talent, logical thinking, and management skills. In addition, I gained fundamental design capability through self-learning as well as training in King's Art & Design School. Furthermore, I have good communication and leadership skills thanks to my active participation in voluntary works. Now I seek for further study and training in digital product design for the purpose of integrating my business, design, and technical abilities to become a well-prepared and outstanding brand designer.

I acquired a solid foundation in branding in a series of business courses, such as Management, Marketing Research, and Marketing Management. A rebranding project for Ten Ren's Tea, a Taiwan-based company specializing in tea products, under the mentorship of Professor Chris Lin, helped me to obtain marketing research and strategy development skills for complete branding process. Besides, it was my first time to design a brand identity system. Our report received high praise from the professor. I was thrilled and inspired to pursue further knowledge of brand design. Therefore, I eagerly participated in related activities and took courses at the university and King's Art & Design School to enhance my design execution skill.

Through self-learning and training under design professions, I gained design capability and design thinking ability. I have done a project which focused on improving people's connection with temperature under the methodology of user experience design. From this project, I learned that design is about solving problem with human-centred approach and thus intensified my resolve to pursue future career in design because my biggest interest in life is to help those in need.

My active participation in voluntary works honed my communication and leadership skills. As the president of World Volunteer Society at university in my junior year, I organized a campus fundraising campaign for Nepal Earthquake Relief, which we successfully raised 1,051 USD in the end. To raise awareness of this event, we communicated with students through online media communities and the result made me realized the power of digital product to connect people around the world is strong and efficient.

Therefore, I desire to acquire specialized design methods and technical skills for digital product design as it becomes increasingly important for brand communication nowadays. I am eager to learn about front-end development skills and experience full product development cycle process. Master of Professional Studies in Communication Design at Parsons School of Design, which features a concentration in digital product design, is exactly the opportunity I am looking for. I believe your program will allow me to become an professional brand designer in today's digital world with the practices and methods courses as well as external partnerships provided that could give me the chance to access real-world cases. I also expect to contribute my business skill which could benefit logical and creative thinking in the learning process.

I am excited about immersing myself in challenging studio courses and learning from my future classmates with different backgrounds. Though being an alien may be a challenge for me, I will appreciate this transformational experience and embrace every opportunity to grow. Ultimately, I envision myself working globally as an innovative brand designer in the near future.
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Dec 28, 2017   #2
Tseng, you need to summarize your background to only the pertinent information. This whole essay focused on your background alone and irrelevant community activities. There is no focus on a tentative study plan or explanation of how you intend to focus on improving the field of your choice. Actually, of the 6 explanations you are supposed to give in this written interview, you only responded to the first one. Which means that this is not an interview that the reviewer will consider informative nor give any weight to because the response that you wrote shows that you are not qualified to attend the program. I seriously want to encourage you to write a new essay. This time, I would like you to consider outlining your response first. List down the required information and then outline your response to each in draft form. Once you are absolutely sure that you have given a relevant response to each of the 6 required information, then you can proceed with expanding your explanation in a narrative form which will then comprise you proper written interview response.

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