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Statement of Purpose - Parsons School of Design - MPS Communication Design - reasons for applying

KotekSroka 1 / -  
Nov 15, 2021   #1
Please give me some advices on my Statement of Purpose for MPS Communication Design at Parsons:


Please outline your reasons for applying to this program

In what ways will you contribute to the subject matter of the program? You should include a thoughtful description of your background, tentative plan of study or area of inquiry in the field as you now envision it, your professional goals, and an explanation of how this graduate program will help you realize those goals. If you have not been enrolled as a student in the past five years, please address anticipated opportunities and challenges in pursuing the degree and future career expectations upon completion of the program. (500-750 word limit)

After spending a year self-learning and training under design professionals in digital product design, especially user experience design and user interface design, I want to go further in this area by doing a master's degree in Communication Design in Parsons. The columns of this MPS degree can give me advanced design competencies and help me pursue a creative career in the user experience design field. The columns of Communication Design in Parsons are not only about design, but also coding for front-end development, and combined with excellent students and faculties from different backgrounds, Parsons School of Design became my dream school.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from Minzu University of China. During the study in the university, I acquired a solid foundation and excellent execution ability in visual design. Other than the courses I took in university, I also signed up for other courses to learn more about design and technologies, such as Python language, 3D modeling, Processing, illustrating and user experience design.

Since I was in high school, I've been passionate about art and technology. But what made me decide to be a digital product designer is a class I attended in the last year of university named Digital Media Design and Application. This class led me into the world of digital product design and provided me a chance to go through the process of designing an application in a team with other classmates. I learned concepts like accessibility design, equity design and user centered design and I became fascinated with them. I saw an example of how I can combine art, design and technology to solve real world problems and improve everyone's life. As a Chinese person in Poland, I know how marginalized groups are living and feeling, which made me even more determined to help those in need. For me, design is not only a method to make the world beautiful for the eyes, but also a tool we use to make a more inclusive world.

I am enthusiastic about getting closer to my dream - to be an excellent user centered digital product designer. I am eager to challenge myself in the practice and methods courses Parsons provides as well as the partnership provided that can give me chances to access the real-world cases.

As a person with a different background, I can take my unique point of view into a team and help to design accessible products for everyone to use. Especially the experience as a member of a usually underrepresented group, I can empathize with marginalized users more. During university study, I often attend lectures of other professions, which equipped me with broader sights. My active participation in voluntary activities honed my communication and organization skills. My outgoing personality and familiarity with different cultures makes me easy to get along with people and often warms up the team and makes everyone in the team feel comfortable to share and discuss. As a multilingual person, I can be a communicator in doing presentations and talking to clients.

I am looking forward to being immersed in a challenging studio course. Being an alien has never been a challenge for me. I will always appreciate the experience of transformation and embrace every opportunity for growth. In the end, I envision myself as a user experience designer on a global scale and really care about and solve user problems in the near future.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Nov 16, 2021   #2
The main problem with this essay is the way it focuses a majority of the discussion on your background. All the other ports of the prompt have either been little addressed or not addressed at all. Never assume that once you have completed the writing, that you have addressed all parts of the task. make sure that you compare your paragraphs to the guidelines. Each guideline must be clearly represented in your writing. There are times in the writing where the discussion seems to steer off topic. Every discussion must relate to the program and / or a specific prompt topic requirement. Fix the essay to address there aspects. The second draft should be clearer after the review and content editing / revising process.

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