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SOP (Study Plan and Goal) - GKS Scholarship in Computer Engineering

YinMOo 1 / -  
Jan 24, 2020   #1

Study Plan and goal

Goal of Study & Study Plan:
The goals of my studies in Korea are because of the academic system that provides problem-solving education programs based on on-site experience and research activities in science and technology and geographic. I strongly believe that in order to pursue a Master's degree in research institute based university; I must leave the comfort of my native country and learn to work effectively in another developed country that has the best educational environment for science and technology. This is especially true since I would like to work in Korea after I have graduated. I believe Korea has one of the best universities that can enhance my ability and passion to utilize IT technology through learning and research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) field I have been long interested in. It is actually a golden opportunity for me to implement my enthusiasm for research and develop knowledge in Korea that cannot be achieved in my country and the skills and techniques I will have acquired will be invaluable. For the last four years, I have enjoyed developing my programming and technical knowledge and using it to develop web applications. I love to develop programs and I feel a greater sense of satisfaction when I manage to implement programs successfully and motivate me more to work in IT field. As I have observed throughout my academic and professional life, communication skills with team members and perfect teamwork in a group are important to complete a project successfully.

Majoring in Computer Engineering during my university years, I became especially interested in AI. I would like to do my research in traffic prediction based on real-time data. Nowadays, there are many cars in my country and people are stuck in traffic congestion and wasting time such as in late arrival for employment and schools. Now in Myanmar, traffic jams on roads are reported to the radio stations by drivers and broadcast on the radio. There are many mobile phones and internet users. People can report real-time traffic data to cloud server. The system will also collect traffic information through other platform nodes and send data to the server. Through real-time traffic data and weather forecasting data, the system can predict traffic congestion and people can know traffic jams place through mobile applications. Due to traffic prediction, people could know road accidents faster than before which can also assist with emergency cases. Through attending the Graduate School of AI at GIST, I plan on joining and collaborating with fellow students that school research projects through the unique work experiences, academic knowledge and cultural backgrounds that each of us possesses. The quality of the education we receive will be largely based upon our own individual willingness and attitude towards the course material and discussions. As a global student, I look forward to being an active participant and willing student; ready to learn from the rich and diverse experiences present in the classroom and research center.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,888 2167  
Jan 25, 2020   #2
The goal of study and study plan must be based on a thesis like presentation of a problem you hope to solve in your home country in relation to a Korean model. In this case, it would be a study plan of how Korea manages its traffic schemes and builds its roads to alleviate the traffic gridlock in the cities and provinces of the country. Address a problem with traffic in your home country that you feel has been successfully addressed by Korea (study plan). Then explain how your planned research can be applied to your own country (Goal of Study). Make sure to indicate how the university can help you with your research and how you plan to complete the research. This is a project proposal, not an explanation of what you hope to learn about in Korea.

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