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SOP. Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan for KGSP Scholarship

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Feb 16, 2017   #1
Hello again! I have to write about my study plan with the following: Goal of study, title or subject of research, and detailed study plan.

I've never done an study plan before so I'm not really sure if it's okay but I wrote a little draft about it. If it's too short please let me know. I hope you can help me with this essay as well and thanks for everything.


Currently in the research center where I work I have the opportunity to interact constantly with a doctor specialist in pulmonology, who always tells me about international conferences in which he has participated and the various research topics that have been presented in them. One of the topics that caught my attention was Cystic Fibrosis, a multisystem disease caused by the mutation of a gene on chromosome 7, which is quite frequent in our country due to the great variety and mixture of ethnicities that we present.

During my years of master's study I would like to develop this topic and contribute to the related advances presented. According to studies and reports presented by Korean researchers, I have noticed that there are not many articles about Cystic Fibrosis as it is a rare disease in the Asian community. However, I am convinced that it would be very useful to develop new studies to be able to reaffirm the knowledge about this disease, to improve them and to have more revisions of it for future projects. I would like to, with the guide and help of my professors, carry out a research work of descriptive type in which we can observe more clearly the clinical manifestations and other findings that allow us to diagnose this disease early as it can sometimes be camouflaged like any other one. Due to the low incidence of this disease in Korea, this work will be a challenge that will undoubtedly leave us satisfied once it is concluded and published in the scientific community, contributing to the Korean population with a more detailed study of this rare disease.

In addition, I would like to obtain more knowledge about the diagnostic methods of genetic study in Cystic Fibrosis in order to be able to implement them or to accommodate them in some way to my country and thus have the best technology for the diagnosis. This knowledge would be of great importance in my country that has a greater incidence of this disease, to have within reach a definitive diagnostic method that supports and confirms the clinical and radiological suspicions of our specialist doctors would be of great help to our entire community.
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Feb 16, 2017   #2
Hi Caro. The essay that you wrote is more of an outline of what you want to present in your study plan. It doesn't really follow the format nor the required content of a study plan at the moment, but it is a good start. The one important thing that you have to remember with regards to a study plan is this, specifics are paramount. Do not be vague as you are now. Do you remember how you wrote your thesis proposal in college? That is exactly how you should approach your masters thesis study plan. Let's see if I can outline the steps to developing this study plan for you.

1. Think of the course you are interested in. What brought about this interest?

2. What specific field are you now interested in? Why? How far has your country gotten in terms of treatment research related to the topic of your interest? Is this why you feel Korea offers you a better opportunity to study the problem and develop a possible solution to the problem?

3. What is the problem that most attracts you to this research? Explain the reasons for the attraction. Why would this be a good topic for research?

4. Do you have a specific university of interest that you plan to apply to in Korea? Do they specialize in this sort of research?

5. What is the current research that the university is doing in your line of interest? Does it align with the problem that you hope to resolve with your own research?

6. Is there a specific professor you want to mentor you as you write your thesis? What makes you think that he / she would be able to help you further advance your research?

7. How can the university help you achieve your study goals?

By answering these 7 questions, you should be able to develop a far more comprehensive study plan for yourself.

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