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Statement of purpose for Seoul National University KLEC

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Nov 27, 2020   #1

application to the Korean Language Program

Hello everyone, I will need to apply for the Korean Language Program of the Seoul National University in a few days. I don't think that this statement of purpose will be a key factor to be accepted since it's just a language course but it was still required, so it would be nice if you guys could check it out. The only point required to be covered is reason of application and plans after completion of the course. Thank you.

I cut out the first two lines of presentation for privacy purposes:

I am writing this statement of purpose as I would like to express my intention of applying to the Korean Language Program of the Seoul National University and to clarify my future plans after pursuing a learning career in the Korean language.

I started studying languages at a very young age, as many schools in Italy start teaching foreign languages from the very beginning. In Middle School I continued learning English and chose Spanish as a second foreign language. This is how I found out that studying languages came pretty easily, as it was always stimulating for me to learn about the differences and similarities characterizing them. Memorizing new vocabulary was satisfying, I never got bored of it, as it would only take a few tries for me to get a hold of the meaning of a word or expression. It was fun and surprising seeing the similarities between the wording used in other countries, with their unique cultures and customs.

My path with languages continued when I chose a foreign language high school. I carried on with my academic growth in the English and Spanish field, while starting a brand new journey with German. An important aspect of language learning that my school has provided me, which I am extremely thankful for, is the opportunity to study and travel abroad. My school organised study trips abroad where we had the chance to experience living in another country while speaking the language we studied during the previous years. We went to Canterbury (UK), Seville (Spain) and Vienna (Austria). The most useful aspect of these trips was being hosted by local families, where we had the chance to communicate in their native language every day. In 2016, my school gave me another opportunity to improve my English: a three weeks exchange to Boston, USA. While being there I also became close friends with the girl that hosted me. I found out that she was a first generation American of Serbian origins, since her parents and grandparents both emigrated from Serbia and came to Boston.

Two years ago, I finally graduated from high school, ready to begin a new phase of my life. While still not being sure on where I wanted to start, my future plan was clear: I ought to speak to people, get to know them and their cultures. I want to study and analyse cultural differences to learn how languages shape humans and what models their society. Also, how a language barrier can distort and destroy a message or the intention of a message and what situation can this can lead to. Communication is the basis of society, through the use of language we express ideas, emotions, thoughts and our cultural background. There are approximately 6,500 languages in the world, through them we are able to pass on from generation to generation information about our history.

For that reason, I started feeling as my own city was a bit too bounded for me, the methods of communication and links to international exchange are still very limited, as the social life of (my hometown) survives on itself. That is why I realised that I wanted to study abroad to have the opportunity of getting to know different cultures and to put into practice my passion for languages.

At the end of 2018, the idea of studying abroad became stronger and stronger. As a few years before, in 2016, my passion for Korean cinematography and dramas began, my interest in the country itself started. This is how I learned about the union among modernity and tradition that characterises the Korean culture. This sort of amalgamation of old and traditional temples and palaces with new buildings and skyscrapers, together with the multiculturalism of Seoul fascinates me. I think that studying in South Korea would not only provide me with a top quality education, but also give me an insight into the vibrant and welcoming community of the global exchange, making it a great place to live and gain exposure to new things. Hence, Korea resulted in being the best choice. When I started looking for majors that could catch my interest I got to know about the Department of Communication of Seoul National University and I am glad to say that its aims and goals perfectly suit the learning path that I am looking forward to start.

Therefore, while working I started studying Korean. During the beginning of 2019 I was mostly self-teaching Korean, using materials found on the Internet. After a while I found out that the Korean Consulate of (my hometown) was offering introductory courses to the Korean language and culture, so in May 2020 I began the course with a Korean teacher from Seoul. The best part was actually being in contact with a native who could give me advices on pronunciation and could help me throughout the tricky aspects of the language. I still attend this course and I will be going on until I reach the level I need to undertake the academic career I chose. It was clear then that my next step had to be studying Korean in its native Country, as I find that being surrounded by natives is fundamental to truly learn a language and get the closest to its culture.

This is the reason why I'm here today writing to you this statement of purpose, as I truly wish to come to Seoul and finally focus entirely on learning Korean and be involved firsthand in the culture of this wonderful Country. I believe this is the first and most important stage of the future I am going to build from now on and because of this I am sure that the Korean Language Program of Seoul National University will give me a solid basis to start with, while also providing a high quality teaching of the Korean language and culture through advanced and engaging lessons.

I hope that my application will be taken into consideration.

Thanking you,

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Nov 27, 2020   #2
Your over written and over informative approach to the essay is inappropriate. You need to whittle this down and provide only the 2 discussion aspects for your purpose and plan.

For the purpose of the program, your explanation needs to be simple. It can be as simple as, you are going to be a foreign student in Korea. Since Korean classes are taught in Hangul, you need to learn the language. So you are applying for the Korean Language Program at the university. The reason you should use is that you will be required (if so asked to do so) to take a TOPIK certification level test. From what I know, TOPIK language certification is required in the Korean universities and scholarship programs. If you do not pass the language certification test, then you cannot attend school in Korea. You might be able to use that as the purpose and reason for your desire to attend language classes at the university.

As for the plans after you complete the course, you can indicate that you plan to continue your studies in Korea, based on the Hangul language curriculum. That should start the after study plan. I am not sure what else you can say about the language reference post language studies except maybe, to have you explain why you believe that fluency and certification in Hangul will help advance your studies and assist you in completing your future course requirements. As you did not really refer to any specific prompt discussion points, I am not sure how else you can provide a more targeted essay.
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Nov 27, 2020   #3
Thank you for your advices. So you would suggest I just cut out the first introduction part where I talk about my language background and just start from the part where I talk about deciding to study in Korea? Just for example, from the part "As a few years before, in 2016, my passion for Korean etc..." and go on from there?

Thank you again

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