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Personal Statement for University of Leeds - Msc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

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Nov 16, 2020   #1

Application essay - personal statement

Mechanical Engineering, from the first boats to the fourth industrial revolution has brought about progress throughout history which ensured that our lives got easier. Having lived my entire life in India, I have seen the country go through revolutions in engineering, but hardly has it been "green" in its implementation. A recent study points out that pollution from manufacturing industries has increased by a whopping 200 percent during the past 20 years in India. This necessitates the need for implementing novel manufacturing processes that provide sustainability across a wide range of industrial applications. The MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds will provide me with an opportunity to solve real-world problems in future manufacturing processes.

Graduating as a Production Engineer from NIT Calicut has endowed me with strong fundamentals vital for this effort. My academic career focused on core concepts in mechanical engineering while simultaneously picking up skills relevant to manufacturing. With sound knowledge in the subject matter, I volunteered as a CAD trainer in the undergraduate lab. This aided me in fabricating a mechanically powered tiller based on the ornithopter mechanism. In my final year thesis which dealt with developing an eco-friendly bio-lubricant from vegetable oils and its methyl esters, I brought up a novel approach to select the best blends using a decision matrix. The newly formulated oil complied with industrial standards and the results were published as an article in the 'Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology'.

Theory creates a strong foundation. Yet, it is pretty much useless if one does not know the application. This motivated me to take up an Internship at Cochin Shipyard Limited. As an In-plant trainee, I analyzed the plant layout and got exposed to the processes and facilities in shipbuilding. Maintaining my interest in Manufacturing and its management, I was able to secure a job as a 'Senior analyst' in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at Capgemini, a multinational firm, while in the final year of my studies. As an ERP consultant, I have worked on projects that handled various components of a supply chain. This is essential for an engineer who deals with manufacturing systems. As technology progresses, I may perhaps be able to leverage ERP to bolster sustainability and reduce the emissions of any manufacturing supply chain.

In about ten years from now, I see myself as a Technical Lead fronting cutting-edge research and development in an innovative institution. The University of Leeds possesses a close alignment with the industry which would enable me to benefit from real-world case studies throughout the course. I am inspired by the works of Professor Alison McKay whose research is concentrated in engineering design systems, sustainable product design, supply chain management and enterprise engineering. The presence of world-class facilities such as the 'Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation designs' will provide me with the necessary experience in the design and engineering of manufacturing processes. It will be a perfect opportunity for me to gain experience from learned minds who are experts in my field of interest. Moreover, Leeds's vibrant student community who stems from different cultures and backgrounds will widen my perspective and help me grow as an individual.
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Nov 17, 2020   #2
This will work better as your statement of purpose rather than as your personal statement. You will need to provide a proper personal statement that indicates the growth of your interest in Mechanical Engineering. The personal statement for a graduate course should combine 2 things, your passion for mechanical engineering, and your motivation for studying the course.

Your passion, in terms of the personal statement should highlight the way that you have grown your interests in this professional field. For instance, when you first entered the profession, explain what your duties and responsibilities were. Then explain how you grew from that to your current position. Make sure to indicate how you grew as a person because of your professional experience. That will help show your development as a person in relation to your profession. That is an integral part of the personal statement.

Then, explain your interest in "green" things and why it is important to you that yo be properly trained in "green" mechanical engineering. Remember that your personal involvement in your profession will help create a better idea as to how you, as a person, will benefit from the MSc training. It will be important to highlight at this point why you chose the course and university. That way, you will show both your academic and professional goals that will culminate in your completion of the course.
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Nov 17, 2020   #3
Thank you for your suggestions. I am still having some queries on what is the difference between a personal statement, an SOP and a motivation letter. Could you please tell me the key points to focus upon the three?

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